How can I make gluten-free bread in the SAKI Bread Maker?

You can use SAKI Bread Maker program #5 which is explicitly designed for gluten-free bread recipes with a longer second rising time. In your bread maker, you can try gluten-free recipes tailored for bread machines in our SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book, available for download on this page, as well as on our website which you can reach by clicking the “RECIPES” button at the very top of this page.

Why does the control panel not respond to any commands?

The SAKI Bread Maker automatically locks the control panel one minute after pressing the start button to avoid manipulation during the baking process and shows the lock icon on the control panel display. In locked status, the control panel will not respond to any commands. In order to unlock the panel, you should press and hold the “MENU” button for 7 seconds. The SAKI Bread Maker will make a warning sound when the control panel is unlocked.

How can I unlock the control panel if I see a lock icon on the screen?

You should press and hold the “MENU” button for 7 seconds. The SAKI Bread Maker will make a warning sound when the control panel is unlocked.

How can I pause the ongoing program in the SAKI Bread Maker?

The “START/STOP” button is used to pause a program cycle. First, you should hold and press the “MENU” button for 7 seconds to unlock the control panel. Then, you should press the “START/STOP” button for 3 seconds to pause the program. The time and colon on the control panel will be flashing when the program is paused.

It is not recommended to pause a program more than 5 minutes to avoid any undesirable results in the bread or dough.

How can I reset the ongoing baking cycle in the SAKI Bread Maker after I have started a program?

First, You should press and hold the “MENU” button for 7 seconds to unlock the control panel. Then, you should press and hold the “START/STOP” button for 10 seconds to reset the ongoing program.

Does the SAKI Bread Maker make bread horizontally or vertically?

The SAKI Bread Maker makes bread horizontally in three different loaf sizes and crust colors. You have different loaf options as 2 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 3 lbs and different crust choices as light, medium, and dark.

Is there a warning sound in the SAKI Bread Maker to remind me when to add fruits, nuts, chocolate chips etc.?

Yes. SAKI Bread Maker makes a beeping sound ten times and displays a nut icon on the screen when it is time to add ingredients such as fruits, nuts, chocolate chips etc. When you hear the sound and see the nut icon, you just need to open the lid and add the additional ingredients. SAKI Bread Maker will continue its job when you close the lid.

Where can I get the online version of the SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book and the user manual?

The SAKI Bread Maker box includes the user manual and SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book. You can also get the online version of the user manual by clicking the “USER MANUAL” button below the FAQs.

You can download the online version of SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book halfway through this page, above the FAQ section. You can also reach bread maker recipes available on the website by clicking the “RECIPES” button at the very top of this page.

Can I use recipes other than the ones in the SAKI Bread Machine Recipe Book?

Yes. You can use recipes from other sources. You should just need to ensure the loaf size and weight in the recipe match with the SAKI Bread Maker’s loaf size settings and the program cycle is compatible with the recipe instructions. You can also create your own recipes.

Can the kneading paddles be removed during the cooking cycle?

Yes. You can remove kneading paddles after kneading and rising are completed and before baking starts. You can even reshape the dough at this point. However, you must not try to remove kneading paddles after baking starts since the kneading paddles, bread pan and the dough will be hot and can cause burn.

How can I insert the bread pan into the SAKI Bread Maker?

Please refer to the SAKI Bread Maker Pan Inserting/Removing Guide for inserting and removing the pan:

This image shows how to insert and remove the SAKI Bread Maker Bread Pan.


How can I raise and bake my frozen dough without going through all the baking cycles?

You can use Custom/Home-made program (#12) in your SAKI Bread Maker. In this program you can set the desired time for each phase of the baking cycle and set the time to 0:00 for the phases you would like to skip.

What is the Home-made (custom) program?

Home-made menu setting is a fully customizable program to adopt any recipes in your bread maker by setting keep-warm, kneading, rising, and baking times on your own.

Is the bread pan dishwasher safe?

Since SAKI Bread Maker's bread pan is ceramic coated, it is not dishwasher safe. We recommend cleaning your SAKI Bread Maker's bread pan after each use for a long lifetime.

How can I clean the SAKI Bread Maker's bread pan and kneading paddles?

SAKI Bread Maker's bread pan and kneading paddles are not dishwasher safe. You can wash them with warm and soapy water. Then you should rinse and dry them with a soft cloth.

Can I purchase a replacement pan and kneading paddles for the SAKI Bread Maker?

Yes. SAKI Bread Maker’s bread pan and kneading paddles are available for you to buy at the bottom of this page. You can also find these products if you click on the “REPLACEMENT PARTS” button at the very top of the page.

Is SAKI Bread Maker BPA, PTFE, PFOA, PFAS free?

Yes. All components of SAKI Bread Maker are free of BPA, PTFE, PFOA, PFAS.

What materials are used in the components of SAKI Bread Maker?

The body of the SAKI bread maker is stainless steel, the bread pan and kneading paddles are ceramic coated aluminum. Ingredients do not touch any plastic or toxic material during the baking process.

How can I register my SAKI Bread Maker for warranty?

You can register your SAKI Bread Maker for warranty by clicking the “WARRANTY REGISTRATION” button which you will see when you hover on the “SUPPORT” button at the very top of this page.

Where is the SAKI Bread Maker manufactured?

The SAKI Bread Maker is designed in California, USA and manufactured in PRC.

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Bread Maker


Bread Maker

150 Reviews

Add your ingredients. Set a timer. Push the button. It's effortless.

Prep is a cinch. Cleaning is a cinch. Our breadmaker lets you avoid the countertop chaos of mixing, kneading, rising, and cleaning. No more alternating between physical labor and boredom. Time is short.

Work less. Wait less. Pay less. Spend more time savoring fresh, healthy bread than you do making it.

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Bread Maker

Saki Bread Maker Machine
Bread Maker

150 Reviews

Add your ingredients. Set a timer. Push the button. It's effortless.

Prep is a cinch. Cleaning is a cinch. Our breadmaker lets you avoid the countertop chaos of mixing, kneading, rising, and cleaning. No more alternating between physical labor and boredom. Time is short.

Work less. Wait less. Pay less. Spend more time savoring fresh, healthy bread than you do making it.

Product Specs

Max. Capacity 3lb (1500g)
Programs 12
Kneading Blades 2
Gluten-Free Baking Yes
Power 850 w
Product Weight 14.7 lb (6.7 kg)
Color Black, Silver

Item Dimensions

10.47 inches (266 mm)
11.81 inc
(300 mm)
17.20 inches (437 mm)

Baking process dısplay

knead 1
rest 1
knead 2-3-4
rest 2
rıce 1-2-3
Keep warm


  1. Ceramic Bread Pan
  2. Measuring Cup
  3. Measuring Spoon
  4. Metal Hook
  5. Metal Kneading Blade x 2
  6. E-Recipe Cookbook
Bread Maker
Bread Maker

  • Emma G.

    The best bread maker and cook book have a lot recipes. Thank you Saki

  • Debbie A.

    It doesn't cook right according to the directions I made a lemon poppy cake and it was half Raw also I used to instructions correctly it was half Raw I made a chocolate swirl bread and again I set it according to the instructions the outside was almost burnt the top of it was cooked correctly I am very disappointed

  • PREM P.


  • Eduard F.


  • Ece M.

    I have alwasy had problem with first batch and it didn't change with this machine. But this is because of me not because of the machine. Otherwise, I am very happy with it.

  • Mary

    This is a great bread maker. I am very happy with it. It comes with delicious recipes. I am looking forward to trying more!

  • Ayshe

    It makes perfect loaves of bread. Make sure that yeast is not in touch with any liquid. I prefer removing paddles before the dough rises. So, it is very easy to take the dough to remove the paddles. I made a couple of loaves and will make more this weekend.

  • Douglas S.

    We Love the Saki Bread Maker. We made a 3lb, 3 Cheese Bread Loaf. It raised Real Good, and made us a Great Loaf to eat, and even some to Give to Friends too!! Was Very Tasty and a Great recipe in your Book. Thankyou, for the Recipe Book and the Real Wonderful Saki Bread Machine, that I will be able to use for so many years. 😋

  • Dick J.

    It is a great product. Very easy to use. I haven't tried my own recipes yet, but will make very soon.

  • Marilyn B.

    Love this bread maker

  • Customer

    It is wonderful bread machine. Very easy to use. Shows the steps in the cycle. Two paddles are very useful. Only thing is that I cannot turn off the machine so I have to plug it off.

  • Frank M.

    Loaves come out perfectly well. It makes wonderful bread within 3 hours. I recommend using it with bread machine flour and bread machine yeast to make successful loaves. I am happy with the machine but I was not able to remove the blades from the bread pan after I made 3 lb loaf. So, I decided to clean it with them.

  • Eileen M.

    I’ve just received this a short time ago and already baked a basic and buttermilk bread. They were delicious. This breadmaker is easy to use and easy to clean. I look forward to making a lot of the other recipes!

  • Mark Z.

    First time I have a bread maker. Very happy with it. Very easy to clean.

  • Gill E.

    It works perfectly. I made my second loaf. So delicious!

  • Customer

    Great bread maker with a lot of options.

  • Diane

    I love this bread maker.

  • Diane

    I love this bread maker.

  • Jack S.

    Very good. Bread comes up perfectly well. It is great that we can see the screen from away.

  • Jack S.

    Very good. Bread comes up perfectly well. It is great that we can see the screen from away.

  • Aaron C.

    Dual paddles mix very well. Warranty works perfectly. We had a small problem with one of the paddle rotors after 18 months and contacted customer service. They were so nice and helpful, and quickly sent us a new pan. It is a high quality bread maker with reasonable price and excellent support!

  • Aaron C.

    Dual paddles mix very well. Warranty works perfectly. We had a small problem with one of the paddle rotors after 18 months and contacted customer service. They were so nice and helpful, and quickly sent us a new pan. It is a high quality bread maker with reasonable price and excellent support!

  • Alvin H.

    wonderful machine easy to operate

  • Carly R.

    We got the machine at 3 today and we already used the olive bread recipe in the book and the machine worked great! We made the largest loaf and used active yeast instead of the called for instant yeast and it worked fine!

  • Angela X.

    Five stars for having ceramic pan and paddles that are easily replaceable. I've made 3 loaves in it that have all come out great. I like that replacement pans and paddles are inexpensive and easy to buy from Saki. I wish the pan was easier to set inside the machine, but I'm getting used to it. Overall this is a great machine at a good price.

  • Pete S.

    We had a smaller bread maker before and were happy with it. But it was only making small loaves. Then we bought Saki to make larger loaves. The Saki works perfectly well. It is very easy to use as well. So, we bought another one for my mother-in-law. I recommend this bread maker!

  • Pete S.

    We had a smaller bread maker before and were happy with it. But it was only making small loaves. Then we bought Saki to make larger loaves. The Saki works perfectly well. It is very easy to use as well. So, we bought another one for my mother-in-law. I recommend this bread maker!

  • Christine S.

    It is a great bread machine. It has double mixers and can make loaves up to 3 lbs. The loaves never stick to the bread pan. The recipe book has delicious recipes. Only drawback is that you cannot power the machine off until you wait for an hour after the bread is made, or you can turn it off by unplugging it.

  • Christine S.

    It is a great bread machine. It has double mixers and can make loaves up to 3 lbs. The loaves never stick to the bread pan. The recipe book has delicious recipes. Only drawback is that you cannot power the machine off until you wait for an hour after the bread is made, or you can turn it off by unplugging it.

  • Bob C.

    It is a good bread maker. The hinge pin on the door was loose when the bead maker first came. I pushed it into its hole and now it is fine.

  • Bob C.

    It is a good bread maker. The hinge pin on the door was loose when the bead maker first came. I pushed it into its hole and now it is fine.

  • Neil W.

    Finally used it after having for little over a week. Works great!! So easy to use!! Great quality! Fantastic addition to our kitchen!

  • Celine Q.

    It makes very good bread. I used bread makers before but was not happy with them a lot. So, I wasn't sure about buying this machine. But this machine is really good. The loaves come out wonderful.

  • Celine Q.

    It makes very good bread. I used bread makers before but was not happy with them a lot. So, I wasn't sure about buying this machine. But this machine is really good. The loaves come out wonderful.

  • Klara S.

    Great bread maker. I tried rosemary olive oil bread and plain white bread and both were delicious. The recipes are very useful. You can also make your own recipe. I recommend it.

  • Customer

    Amazing bread maker. I was a little hesitant to use it. But it proved to be very successful.

  • Tamara K.

    I am waiting for my grain mill first then I will try :)

  • Linda W.

    Good bread maker. Very easy to use. But not good to make desserts.

  • Wendy H.

    I love the dual paddles. The loaf size was excellent. Bread came out perfect. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Florenc K.

    This bread machine is perfect for my needed. Highly recommend to everyone.

  • Brenda

    This bread maker is one of my best purchases. I’ve never made bread before buying this machine. It is very easy to use and make bread with this machine. The instructions are very useful. It is great to have warm bread every morning for my family. I can also make homemade yogurt, jams and knead dough with this machine. It is definitely worth the money!

  • Twila R.

    Cook book on page 134 is incorrect, it give the strawberry jam recipe, instead of the blueberry jam recipe. So far, I really like it, but I've only made chocolate pudding in it. It is rich and yummy!!

  • Kira B.

    Yet to get a good loaf out of this bread machine. I’ve tried the recipes that came with the machine as well as my old standard that worked with every other machine I’ve owned and each time it’s turned out flat and disappointing. Even fiddling with loaf sizes and crisp levels hasn’t fixed it. A nice looking machine but isn’t impressing on its most basic function.

  • Robert S.

    I have made several successful breads from the Saki online recipes. The booklet recipes don't turn out as good. The top of bread a little bit lighter than rest of crust, but acceptable. I wish the instructions explained how long the machine spends in each cycle (kneading, resting, etc.). I would recommend this machine. Nice large loaf. Pics show country style, whole wheat & French breads. Only one came out a little lopsided.

  • salvatore c.

    I received my machine and the extra pan, but did not receive the extra kneading paddles. I sent messages and have not heard anything. Please send them. I am waiting to use machine til I have complete order since it has been paid for already. Thank you

  • Cionna

    Very easy to use and clean. The cookbook has great recipes. We love it!

  • Kimberly R.

    I’ve owned 2 other bread machines since their inception and by far the Saki bread maker is my favorite. It does so much more than bread and has an extensive recipe book to use this machine to its full potential. Easy to use and nice digital display. Clean up is a breeze and love that it comes with extra accessories. Highly recommend!

  • Me

    Great machine. Makes real loaves. Very easy to use and clean.

  • Vicky M.

    It makes dense bread. But dense bread goes great with soup.

  • Tommy

    Great product. It works perfectly. I've made 30 loaves so far. Having 2 paddles is great feature.

  • Dean F.

    Great product!

  • Rice

    Great machine. Very easy to use and makes perfect loaves. The crust is so good. You just need good recipes and the machine takes care of the rest.

  • lyudmila v.

    Saki bread maker easy to use. However, I really suggest to read manual and watch video on YouTube before you start. Bread came out good. It looks good and tastes good. Very happy so far.

  • Jessi S.

    Wow, we are so thrilled with this machine, and I haven't even been able to make some of the other delicious recipes yet! I can't wait to try my hand at something new! I love the recipe book that's included, and it doesn't walk across the counter, a huge bonus for me. It's so easy to use, definitely just read the directions - they include everything there! Make sure and use warm water like they recommend, it made the lightest, fluffiest bread I've ever made, and it crisps up delightfully in the toaster. I love the digital screen, it's so easy to use, and I couldn't believe how quiet it is!! I've already recommended this bread maker to family, and I'll continue to brag about it, it's amazing!

  • Heather W.

    We love it.

  • Kathryn M.

    I have emailed you 3 times to get a return authorization number for the bread maker. You never have the decency to even reply. I need to mail this back so if appreciate your company helping me now!

  • Bill

    I bought this bread maker after I had to replace my 30 year old bread machine. It makes perfect bread. Some complaints I saw in the reviews such as the machine getting hot, difficulty in inserting the pan, noise etc., I haven’t seen those in my Saki. It makes perfect bread as long as you follow the recipe and choose the correct size. I made 6 loaves of bread and all came out perfectly. The cookbook comes with many recipes. The large capacity is also a bonus since I need to make a large batch of dough.

  • Greta M.

    I have been using bread makers since they first appeared and this Saki bread maker is the best I have had so far. Very easy to use and looks beautiful. When I had problems about how to use it in the beginning, I contacted the customer service and they were very helpful. I highly recommend this bread maker.

  • Hanna V.

    A great bread maker. Very easy to use and clean. The loaves come out perfectly. I am very happy with it.

  • Leo W.

    Works very well.

  • TJ

    We bought this machine because of its large size. It is also cheaper than the other ones on the market. I made several types of bread and it works perfectly. I love this bread maker!

  • Adam C.

    The best bread maker I've used so far. Very good quality.

  • Phill S.

    Over the years, I've had various bread makers, including a high-end name-brand one that also makes horizontal loaves. This machine outperforms all of my other machines and is extremely reasonably priced. My only criterion for a bread machine is that it can bake a loaf of bread that resembles store-bought bread in appearance and slices. This is something that can only be done with a horizontal machine like this one. I adore the fact that this machine can make a 3.3-pound loaf! The options are simple to utilize. Even a novice bread machine user may quickly find out how to use this machine on the first try. I've generally baked classic loaves with bread flour and they've turned out well.

  • Gunnar V.

    This is an excellent machine! This is the third one I've done. I believe I've located my breadmaker. The ability to bake large bread is a significant benefit. It comes with two dough mixers. The touchscreen is really responsive and simple to use. The material quality is excellent. Cleaning is a breeze. I strongly suggest this product based on my first week's experience.

  • Elizabeth G.

    This bread maker is fantastic. Makes delicious loaf bread that resembles the more expensive breads. The recipe book is excellent. For the 2 pound loafs, two places have the erroneous yeast quantity, listing 2 instead of the normal next higher amount. The 2 pound loaf of French bread has a reduced yeast content. For a nicer french bread loaf, I added additional yeast, 1/3 cup more water, and some melted butter. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl while adding more water until the doe is no longer crumbly. After the lock appears on the menu, it took me a while to figure out how to quit and cancel. To unlock, hold down the menu button on your left, then hit the start/stop button to bring the game to a halt.

  • Emma S.

    It has the capacity to bake a three-pound loaf of bread. That's a substantial amount of bread. I've placed an order for German pumpernickel, which should arrive in three to four days. It's not a premier item, so I have to pay shipping, and it's the same price as the two one-pound mixes, but I enjoy that style of bread, and rye bread is also delicious. At the bottom, there are two mixers that may be removed for cleaning. The main basket is huge and has been handled in the same way as the others, with a non-stick surface.

  • Hady T.

    My brother persuaded me to buy this bread machine, and I'm pleased he did. I'm a terrible cook who can't even bake a cake. I have no domestic abilities, so I was skeptical that using a bread machine could be so simple. The Saki arrived swiftly and in good condition. I've included some photos to show you the packing. A measuring cup, a measuring spoon, and a few more baking tools are included. I almost missed seeing the accessories in the box, so don't toss them out by accident. The Saki has a sleek style that complements our kitchen perfectly. It's not too hefty, and it doesn't take up nearly as much room as I anticipated.

  • Sami A.

    This bread machine was fantastic! It's simple to use, and the bread tastes great. I've just made white bread thus far, and it turned out light and fluffy. Simply put, all you have to do is add the materials to the machine, and the machine will take care of the rest. Kneading by hand takes too long, and arthritic fingers make it even more difficult. I was worried about the extra preservatives and dangerous fructose additions in store-bought loaves, but now I know precisely what's in my bread and don't have to spend time making it. The written instructions are wonderful, plus also includes a barcode with excellent quick and easy recipes for three different loaves of bread. The machine's operation is simple and simple to understand.

  • Doug H.

    This is my first time purchasing a bread making machine. I was very pleased to use it because I had no previous experience with bread makers, and I'm delighted it was entirely automated and beginner-friendly. I only had to follow the recipe, add the ingredients, select the program, and hit the start button to get wonderful bread every time. The machine makes almost no noise and does not shake. On my kitchen counter, it is really stable. I never bought supermarket bread that was devoid of necessary nutrients after getting this bread machine. Now that I'm more aware of what goes into my body, I can enjoy healthy, delicious bread every morning. I'm currently tinkering with the recipes and want to attempt producing cakes and cookies.

  • Douglas S.

    What can I say about the SAKI Bread Machine that the 571B Banana Slicer hasn't already said? This stuff is so good that my parents would fight over who would prepare the bread for the day. It's one of those chores that everyone despises, yet this machine has provided us peace. It eliminated excuses like "I was on my feet for the last 12 hours, I don't have the stamina to bake your blasted bread!" and "I spent the day watching our children, can you pitch in and make the bread?" These are the kinds of remarks that may devastate a family. I knew something had to be done, and I was the only person who could do it.

  • Rebecca H.

    Today was the first time we used our Saki breadmaker. Beautifully packaged. When we placed it on our counter, it was very sleek. The instructions were simple to follow. The photos I shared with you were taken from a specific keto dish that I used to supplement my diet. As a result, the bread may appear smaller than in a traditional recipe. The bread machine performed admirably. Smooth running, silent, and soon after, the delectable aroma of freshly baked bread filled our house. A fantastic first impression. There's no need to go outdoors to get bread any more. I'm considering purchasing a few of these as holiday gifts.

  • Iryna M.

    For almost a decade, I've owned and operated a bread machine. The old one worked fine, but this improvement is incredible! You don't have to go in during the mixing phase to move the bread about and balance it out because there are two kneaders. I'm going to show you a picture of the cinnamon rolls I produced using this equipment. It does, indeed, make bread. The programming allows you to prepare it for shaping and baking in your oven (as I normally do), but it can also bake a loaf from beginning to end without your assistance. You can configure it to only knead the bread, and it also includes options for gluten-free and fast breads, as well as several blackness levels. Here's the deal:

  • Maddy K.

    For a long time, I've been seeking for an excellent bread maker.

  • Bob

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that I'd be creating my own gluten-free bread! I'm gluten intolerant, and every store-bought gluten-free bread I've tried tastes awful. My first attempt with Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour turned out beautifully. It was simple and entertaining to watch the machine work its magic. I'm not typically one for writing reviews, but this bread machine is well worth the hype!

  • Justin

    The SAKI 3.3 LB Large Bread Machine is a decent breadmaker. So far, I've produced several wonderful breads and doughs using it. I prepared a wheat bread with almonds and dried fruit on top. It turned out beautifully. I also had a taste of the cheddar cheese bread, which was delicious. However, I am dissatisfied with the recipe book for this machine. For the first week, the bread maker arrived with a QR code that linked to the recipe book, which was ideal. However, because the page won't load, the online recipe book has been either destroyed or relocated. Before everything was deleted, I was fortunate enough to uncover a cached version that I duplicated and preserved. I wish the directions were a little more detailed.

  • Andy B.

    This is a fantastic bread machine. This works better than going to the market late at night for the next morning, plus I'll be able to prepare gluten-free bread. I'm expecting that in the next six months, it will pay for itself, plus it will always be fresh and healthy.

  • Jenny S.

    This is our first bread machine, and it has performed admirably. It has a high-end appearance and high-quality components. It's simple to use and clean. Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread straight from the oven!

  • Sean M.

    I knew I had to acquire the largest capacity bread maker on the market when I saw it at 3.3 pounds. We had a total of seven people in the house, therefore I needed to make enough bread for everyone. It's fantastic to set it up at night so you can wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning. It's simple to use. It's also quite simple to clean up. You can also prepare dough, a variety of breads, and a variety of healthful foods. This bread machine is very steady, and the powerful motor keeps it from being overly loud or rocking back and forth on the counter. Bread of excellent quality and flavor. :-)

  • Sheila

    Best bread maker I’ve had. Very easy to use. Makes perfect loaves. The bread pan is non toxic and nothing sticks to it. I am very happy with finding a healthy bread pan alternative.

  • Mariah R.

    I've been using DAK "R2D2" bread machines since they first came out, and I make a couple loaves every week. So, here are some advantages, disadvantages, and thoughts: PROS: dual paddle, makes large (2-3 pound), "traditional" sized and shaped loaves, is simple to use, has a lot of options and functions (I'll probably never use the yogurt or jelly cycles, but I love that it has a bake cycle), costs half as much as a low-end Zojirushi (but has a lot of the same functionality), and looks nice on the counter. CONS: The machine's outside is made of sheet metal that becomes quite hot, necessitating the use of pot holders for both hands only to remove the bread; putting the pan in and out is difficult, and the wire handle ends are frayed.

  • Murat

    It's never been easier or more technological to make bread. Despite the fact that it was my first effort, we cooked bread like pros. We used fresh yeast, but the process was simple and quick. There are no flour remnants to be found. The kitchen isn't filthy at all. You should invest in a good bread machine if you want to make nutritious and consistent bread. Saki can be used in a variety of ways. There are 12 options to choose from. The importance of bread baking degrees cannot be overstated. The brownness of your bread can be adjusted in three ways. You simply click the buttons and go about your business.

  • Florida F.

    Other brands' vertical loaves appear ridiculous to me, and one paddle can't knead effectively, resulting in uneven bread rise and texture. Only a few other brands have the features I require, and they are too pricey. I'd never heard of the SAKI brand before, but the pricing was good, and it came with two paddles and a horizontal loaf, so I placed an order. The bread tastes great, the texture is consistent, the top browns nicely, and the machine is convenient, easy to operate, and clean; these are the most important features. Although the maximum 3.3 pound loaf seems intimidating, it is not as enormous as it appears; the largest loaf is just around 1/2" wider and 1" higher than previous loaves.

  • CJ

    Great product and very good price.

  • Matt D.

    Excellent product and very good price. It took 2-3 tries to get the experience but now I make all my bread with this machine. It’s very easy to clean. Instructions are very clear and easy to understand. The book should have been written in bigger font size and included the cook times.

  • Bill S.

    It works great. You will have regular loaf without any problem.

  • Will S.

    Absolutely the easiest bread maker that I’ve used so far. There are extra paddles, measuring cups and an amazing cookbook. Very simple to clean. Great value and it can make large loaves.

  • Igor K.

    Poor bread quality. Doesn’t bake it throughout, bread is not raising. Contacted support over the email, no response. Called multiple times, no agents , and no messages getting returned. Very frustrating experience.

  • Ginger

    I love this bread maker and the cookbook comes with it. I use a rubber spatula to mix the ingredients stuck to the sides when adding more water. It was difficult for me to figure out how to use the stop/cancel button when there is lock on the screen.

  • Johnson V.

    Customer service was very helpful in dealing with warranty issues. Got replacement for defective unit in a timely manner.

  • Holly L.

    Saki was great in replacing the bread machine, which was less than a year old. New machine is working fine, at least on first loaf of bread made.

  • JD

    It makes delicious bread. The screen is big and very easy to use.

  • Rana D.

    We loved it. It's great it makes big loaf.

  • Jerome

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    It makes nice large bread. It is difficult to put the pan back in the machine. I tried to stop the machine in the middle of cycle but were not able to do so. So I had to unplug the machine. But then I saw in the reviews that there is a way to cut the cycle without unplugging the machine.

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    I followed directions to make basic white bread carefully measuring ingredients and using correct Rapid Rise yeast. Unfortunately three times the dough did not mix properly and the loaves looked clumpy like funnel cake. Not edible.

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Breakthrough healthy shift. Non-toxic, ceramic bread pan provides you to bake healthy, and clean easily.



Double kneading paddles reach across the entire surface of the bread pan to mix your dough evenly every time.


We engineered the largest touch display on the market. No need to bend closer or put on your glasses to choose your options. No more tiny buttons to push.


Up to 15 Hours Delay Timer

Have you got better things to do than wait for your bread to rise? Set the timer, push the button. Wake up to the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house.


Our 850-watt, high-torque motor makes for muscular kneading. It means that our strongman double paddles work the dough powerfully and consistently, without breaking a sweat, to produce the finest flavor and texture every time.



Check the status of your artisan bread while baking. Place all your ingredients in bread maker, press start and walk away. Take a peek at the display any time to track your your dough's journey to becoming bread.


Saki bread maker is a new bakery shop that is located on your kitchen counter. With full of convenient features, it does everything like there's nothing to it.

360° SurroundBaking
60 minutes keep warm
15 hours delay timer
3lb capacity
65db low noise


pizza dough

white bread

gluten free bread


quick bread

whole wheat bread



sweet bread

bake cycle


custom program


Discover 75 easy-to-do recipes only for Saki Bread Machine. Just put ingredients in your Saki Bread Maker and let it do its job. Whether you want 2-pound, 2.5 pounds, or 3-pound, these 75 recipes will guide you for exciting new artisan bread recipes.


bread maker

Our SAKI Chefs have hand-crafted over 75 artisan bread recipes to inspire ideas. There are many recipes crafted just for Saki Bread Maker, such as Pizza Dough, Gluten-Free Bread, White Bread and many more waiting for you.

Discover recipes for Bread MakerLearn More

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As manufacturer, we are responsible for the quality and functionality of our products. For this appliance we provide a 1 year warranty with effect from the date of purchase. 

Within this warranty period we will, at our sole option and free of charge, remedy all defects based on material or manufacturing faults either by repair or replacement of the appliance.

Warranty services are rendered only on presentation of the proof of purchase.

This warranty is applicable in the United States of America and in the North America countries where this SAKI product is sold with our authorization. A list of countries of the service partners authorized by us including their respective contact data can be found on our service page.

The following are exempt from warranty: Components subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. replacement parts such as the shaving foil or cutting blades). Defects that affect the value or usability of the appliance insignificantly only.

Defects caused by improper handling or insufficient maintenance and care of the appliance, defects due to non-compliance with the applicable safety precautions and data stated on the type plate, defects due to interventions by non-authorized persons and the use of any replacement parts other than the original replacement parts as well as damages caused by accidents such as fire, water or other external influences.

Damages due to commercial use.

The warranty period will not be extended by the replacement of the appliance. In any case, it will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The statutory warranty rights of the consumer will not be reduced or amended by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Bread Maker Kneading Paddles

Bread Maker Kneading Paddles

6 Reviews

Saki bread maker machine ceramic kneading paddles are here to support your artisan bread-making process!

Bread Maker Replacement Pan

Bred Maker Pan

10 Reviews

Bread maker replacement pan is here to support your artisan bread goals!