Where is the Saki bread machine manufactured and made?

Saki bread machine designed in California and manufactured in China.

Is Saki bread machine BPA, PFOA, PTFE free?

Yes, the Saki bread machine is designed for baking the healthiest bread for you and your loved ones. The body of the bread maker is stainless steel material, bread machine pan, and kneading paddles are ceramic coated. Saki bread machine does not contain any BPA, PFOA, PTFE, Teflon, or lead materials. 

Your ingredients are not touching any plastic or toxic materials during the baking process. Again, we specifically designed the Saki bread machine with safe materials for you to enjoy delicious healthy bread. 

What material is the Saki bread machine's pan made? Is it dishwasher safe? 

The Saki bread machine’s pan is ceramic coated to bake the healthiest bread for you! The bread pan does not contain and toxic materials, plastics, Teflon, or lead. 

Since the bread maker pan is ceramic coated, it is not dishwasher safe. We recommend cleaning your Saki bread machine after every use to protect the parts for more prolonged use. 

Wash the bread machine pan and kneading paddles by hand with warm, soapy water. After done with washing, rinse well and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

How can I insert the pan for the Saki bread maker?

Please refer to the Saki bread pan guide for inserting and removing the pan:

Does the Saki bread machine make horizontal or vertical-shaped bread?

The Saki bread machine bakes traditional horizontal-shaped bread in three different loaf sizes and crust colors. After selecting the menu program, you may choose to bake 2 lbs, 2.5 lbs, or 3 lbs bread loaves with light, medium, dark crust colors. 

How can I register my Saki bread machine for the warranty?

You may register your Saki bread machine for warranty using the warranty registration link on the bottom of the website or through the support tab on the right corner. 

Can I program for dough, take out the dough and the paddles, shape the loaf, and then reinsert it to finish baking in the machine?

Yes, the Saki bread machine allows you to get creative in bread baking by pre-set menu settings and a custom program. You may choose to follow our 75 different recipes by accessing our e-recipe book or recipe post on our website. Also, you can create your recipes with the homemade program (#12).

To answer your question, you may start the process by choosing the dough program (#6) to make your dough. When your dough is ready, you may remove the kneading paddles, reshape your dough, and add additional ingredients according to the recipe. Then select the bake program (#11) to bake the dough inside the Saki bread machine. 

  • The dough program takes 1 hour 50 minutes
  • The bake program can be set to a maximum of 1 hour

How can I ferment (raise) and bake my frozen dough without going through all the baking cycles?

We recommend using the Homemade program to have complete freedom on your baking cycle settings (#12). When you select the homemade menu setting on your Saki bread machine, it will go through all the baking cycles for you to adjust the time for each cycle. If you desire to skip any cycle, you may set the time to 0:00. 

Here is a table to demonstrate the time process time for each menu setting:

Baking Cycle


Knead 1:

0-30 minutes

Rest 1:

0-30 minutes

Knead 2:

0-30 minutes

Rest 2:

0-30 minutes

Knead 3:

0-25 minutes

Rest 3:

0-30 minutes

Knead 4:

0-25 minutes

Rise 1:

0-60 minutes

Rise 2:

0-60 minutes

Rise 3:

0-60 minutes


0-80 minutes

Keep Warm:

0-60 minutes

My Saki bread machine has a lock icon on the screen. How can I unlock it?

The Saki bread machine automatically locks the control panel after pressing the start button to avoid manipulation during the baking process. After a minute, the lock symbol will appear on the control panel display. In locked status, the screen panel will not respond to any commands. 

To unlock and make changes in your baking settings, press and hold the MENU button for 7 seconds. When the control panel display is unlocked, the bread machine will make a signal sound.

How can I pause the program?

The START/STOP button is also used for pausing the menu cycle. First, hold the MENU button for 7 seconds to unlock the bread machine. Then, press the START/STOP button for 3 seconds to pause the program. When the cycle is paused, the time and colon on the control panel will be flashing.

Note: Use the PAUSE function maximum of 5 minutes to avoid any unwanted results in your bread or dough.

Once I start the bread baking cycle, how can I stop the machine and reset the menu selection?

First, hold the MENU button for 7 seconds to unlock the bread machine. Then, long-press the START/STOP for about 10 seconds to reset the menu selection. When you exit the menu selection, the time and menu on the control panel will reset.

Where can I access the online version of the Saki bread machine recipe book and user manual?

Your Saki bread machine box includes one user manual and one recipe book. If you need the online version of the Saki bread machine recipe book and user manual:

For user manual:

Use the support tab on our website to access user manuals

For e-recipe book:    

On the bottom of the Saki bread machine page, there is a download link for the e-recipe book, or you may use the recipes tab to access all Saki bread machine recipes. 

Can I use recipes other than the ones in the recipe book?

Yes, you can use other recipes from other sources. Before using the other recipes, make sure that the loaf size and weight on the recipe match with the Saki bread machine’s loaf size settings. Also, check your bread maker if it has the same program cycle as the recipe instructions.

If you want to create your own recipes, we recommend using the homemade pre-set program to control the baking cycle times.

Tips on using your own recipes:

If your recipe has a similar recipe from the recipe book, you may use the booklet recipe for guidance.

  • Use the correct loaf size and weight selection for the Saki bread maker. 
    • 2 lbs (1000g)
    • 2.5 lbs (1250g)
    • 3 lbs (1500g) loaves options
  • Make sure not to use flour more than recommended measurement.
  • Always start with adding the liquid to the bread pan first, then dry ingredients.
  • Add your yeast after the flour and make sure the yeast does not touch any liquid.
  • Keep the yeast separate from the other ingredients in the bread pan until starting the machine.

What is the nut icon on the Saki bread maker? When and how do I use it?

The nut icon on the Saki bread maker indicates the time to put your nuts and dried fruits. About 50 minutes after starting the selected program, the Saki bread machine will beep 10 times and show the nut icon on the control panel. This is when you add the additional ingredients you like. 

Can I add nuts and dried fruits? If yes, when and how? 

Yes, you can add additional nuts and dried fruits when your bread machine makes a beeping sound ten times and displays a nut icon on the screen. When you hear the sounds and see the nut icon, lift the bread machine’s lid and add your desired additional ingredients.

Can the kneading paddles be removed at any point before baking the bread?

Yes, after you are done with kneading and rising cycles, you may pause and remove the kneading paddles before the baking process. We recommend this, especially if you are planning to shape your dough before baking.

Does the Saki bread maker has a gluten-free menu setting?

Yes, program (#5) is explicitly designed for gluten-free recipes by having a longer second rising time. Additionally, we have gluten-free recipes in our Saki bread machine recipe book and recipes sections on our website.

Can I purchase a replacement pan and kneading paddles for the Saki bread maker?

Yes, on the bottom part of the Saki bread machine product page, there are extra accessories such as a Saki bread machine replacement pan and kneading paddles for you to purchase.

What is a Homemade menu setting?

Homemade menu setting is a fully customizable program to adopt any recipes by adjusting keep warm, kneading, rising, and baking times. 

Baking Cycle


Knead 1:

0-30 minutes

Rest 1:

0-30 minutes

Knead 2:

0-30 minutes

Rest 2:

0-30 minutes

Knead 3:

0-25 minutes

Rest 3:

0-30 minutes

Knead 4:

0-25 minutes

Rise 1:

0-60 minutes

Rise 2:

0-60 minutes

Rise 3:

0-60 minutes


0-80 minutes

Keep Warm:

0-60 minutes

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21 reviews

The innovative way of baking traditional home-made artisan bread. Effortless bread making with automatic menu options allows you to create variety of fresh recipes!

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Saki Bread Maker Kitchen Appliances SAKI

21 reviews

The innovative way of baking traditional home-made artisan bread. Effortless bread making with automatic menu options allows you to create variety of fresh recipes!


  • Baking at Any Time.
  • High Performance with 850W
  • LCD Display & Program Setting

Product Specs

Max. Capacity 3lb (1500g)
Programs 12
Kneading Blades 2
Gluten-Free Baking Yes
Power 850 w
Product Weight 14.7 lb (6.7 kg)
Color Black, Silver

Item Dimensions

10.47 inches (266 mm)
11.81 inc
(300 mm)
17.20 inches (437 mm)

Baking process dısplay

knead 1
rest 1
knead 2-3-4
rest 2
rıce 1-2-3
Keep warm


  1. Ceramic Bread Pan
  2. Measuring Cup
  3. Measuring Spoon
  4. Metal Hook
  5. Metal Kneading Blade x 2
  6. E-Recipe Cookbook

21 reviews

  • Igor K.

    Poor bread quality. Doesn’t bake it throughout, bread is not raising. Contacted support over the email, no response. Called multiple times, no agents , and no messages getting returned. Very frustrating experience.

  • Johnson V.

    Customer service was very helpful in dealing with warranty issues. Got replacement for defective unit in a timely manner.

  • Holly L.

    Saki was great in replacing the bread machine, which was less than a year old. New machine is working fine, at least on first loaf of bread made.

  • nalyn b.

    I love my Saki bread machine. It's a very beautiful design and has a lot of functions to choose from. Customer service is very professional and very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Robert B.

    I followed directions to make basic white bread carefully measuring ingredients and using correct Rapid Rise yeast. Unfortunately three times the dough did not mix properly and the loaves looked clumpy like funnel cake. Not edible.

  • JOE L.

    Makes great large bread. Mixes excellent dough. Stellare performance so far.

  • Karen G.

    I love the bread machine, but I can’t get it to go up to a 2 /12?loaf. If it’s a secret please please let me know

  • Shamara

    I make bread every week but I don’t always have time to nurse the dough all day. I am so happy with the results of this machine! I made a yummy loaf and didn’t even have to think about it after I put the ingredients in the machine.

  • John M.

    Very nice looking machine arrived in perfect condition, looking forward to making my first loaf of bread today, will let you know how it goes

  • Krystle P.

    This makes bread making so much easier!!! We love how our bread turns out each time

  • wayne p.

    The bread pan kept coming unseated.

  • Emebet T.

    Very good but I wish it was easier to insert the pan into the machine.

  • Customer

    The bread container scrapes the sides and is hard to put in. The cookbook is not full/is missing entries. BUT the bread tastes so good and the picky eaters in the house love it.

  • Geoffrey T.

    Tried two loaves failed on both, recipe too dense and doesn’t cook on top! Had to throw them out , terrible

  • Rafael R.

    excelent and practically

  • Karen G.

    This product is awesome

  • Jaybee

    Best bread machine I've owned. Does more than just bread too!


    Love this machine. Made a very nice 3.3Lb. Loaf with no problem.

  • S O.

    Still honeymooning with our new bread machine. Quiet operation, solid construction, double kneading blades provide a superior elasticity, programmability a serious advantage, large capacity a real plus.

  • Steven M.

    This is the best bread maker we have ever purchased! Great value, and extremely well engineered product. Highly recommended.

  • Carol S.

    Quiet & efficient! Handles extra large size wonderfully!!

bread maker pan


Breakthrough healthy shift. Non-toxic, ceramic bread pan provides you to bake healthy, clean easily.

bread maker blades


Ceramic-coated dual kneading paddles reach all the ceramic bread pan's surface to provide evenly mixed doughs every time.


Unlike other bread makers, we engineered the largest touch display panel made on a bread maker. You don't need to get closer to push tiny buttons anymore. The large display panel enhances your entire bread-making experience to use and bake.



15-hour programmable delay timer and scheduled appointment ensure the bread is ready in the morning.


More durable, strongest, and sustainable. Soft and fresh bread every-time with minimal effort and strong dough kneading.



Check the status of your artisan bread while baking. Put all the ingredients, press start, and let the saki bread maker machine do its magic. Easily read progress from dough to perfection.


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3600 surrounding baking
60 minutes keep warm
15 hours delay timer
3lb capacity
65db low noise


pizza dough

white bread

gluten free bread


quick bread

whole wheat bread



sweet bread

bake cycle


custom program

bread maker

Our SAKI Chefs have hand-crafted over 75 artisan bread recipes to inspire ideas. There are many recipes crafted just for Saki Bread Maker, such as Pizza Dough, Gluten-Free Bread, White Bread and many more waiting for you.

Discover recipes for Bread Makerlearn more


Wide temperature range from 90F to 400F Saki smart air fryer oven uses built-in fan and low heat to dry out food whlie preserving all the taste perfectly.

bread maker recipe book


Bred Maker Replacement Pan

Bred Maker Replacement Pan

2 reviews

Bread maker replacement pan is here to support your artisan bread goals!

Replacement Kneading Paddles

Replacement Kneading Paddles

Saki bread maker machine ceramic kneading paddles are here to support your artisan bread-making process!