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Turkish Tea Maker


Turkish Tea Maker

50 reviews
Pamper yourself with the perfect cup of tea. With a host of high-performance features and keep warm function no more cold tea!
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Turkish Tea Maker

Turkish Tea Maker - 110 V TEA SAKI Silver
Turkish Tea Maker

50 reviews
Pamper yourself with the perfect cup of tea. With a host of high-performance features and keep warm function no more cold tea!

Product Specs

Size 14.2 x 9 x 7 in
Power 1200W
Keep Warm 120-140 W
Product Weight 4.2 lbs
Input AC100-120V 50/60Hz
Turkish Tea Maker
Turkish Tea Maker

  • Rafet a.

    takes forever to boil the water. we got two of them. we boil water in sperate catle and pour it into these units. it s not a item for fast pace environment.

  • Albert A.

    Even after one use, the filter inside the teapot started to break. Maybe it was like that when I first bought it, but I didn't realize it right away as I waited a few weeks before using the product, I saw it while cleaning it after the first use.

  • Raziye Y.

    I like this Tea makers because it is very easy to use. Keeps tea hot and holds good amount of tea and water. Boils very fast. Taste just like I had in Turkey. Thanks.

  • HUJIA H.

    It is nice but we will see how long it last and how the warranty works.

  • Sherry B.

    I am not pleased. The metal is thin and cheap. It looks dented. the lid is awkward to put on and the tea leaf basket is very weird.

  • Emin H.

    We just bought this Tea maker and loved it too much. It is a great help for us to make a tasty tea in a short time.

  • Seren K.

    I’ve been using this item for 2 weeks and it’s been already PEELING OFF. Don’t buy it. I want to return and I will get gray one.

  • erdal g.

    Really Nice teamaker

  • Gevhar S.

    I like this color , safety and useful

  • Lotfullah L.

    I love this product! Right when you see the package, you know that you are getting a quality product. This tea maker is well-crafted and holds a perfect amount of hot water and tea. It works perfectly for my family, especially when you have a few guests over. We are all really impressed with this product and recommend if you're looking to make some quality turkish tea!

  • Jiyoung K.

    Love it!

  • Nima

    Worked perfect for one year and died suddenly.

  • angie r.

    Was great

  • Gloria O.

    Yea maker is great and Saki is a great company and enjoyed experience and customer service with them

  • Francisco A.

    I have not received it. Terrible service.

  • Alborz G.

    Great Customer Service! Upon letting them know that my unit failed, they shipped me a new one :) This is how a company should stand behind their product :D

  • Jose O.

    This product is very good quality and works great!

  • Eren E.

    Great product and great customer service!

  • Carmen M.

    I never had Turkish tea until a friend introduced me to it. It was delicious. I had to purchase my own tea pot. I Love it!

  • Mehmet C.

    As a tea lover, I highly recommend this tea maker. You can also use it as a kettle.

  • Sehri M.

    Taste of tea is nice. It is very practical. Its capacity is fairly enough for 6 persons.

  • Mariam A.

    I am very pleased with this teapot. Looks pretty & works very good .

  • Rana P.

    It is good the only thing I don’t like is about content ,it is not large enough for me

  • Rana P.

    It is smsll for us

  • Sinan

    Just like it was expected. Very happy with Saki

  • Carmen C.

    Good good good

  • Zeynep D.

    Cok Kolay ve Cok guzel cay


    I use it as a kettle or tea maker. It works very comfortably and fast. I am very satisfied. Thank you.

  • Mariam A.

    I love my tea pot

  • Norman D.

    Works very well

  • customer

    I ordered the Saki Electric Turkish Tea Maker. It was shipped quickly and received in perfect condition. It works great! Thank you for a good experience and great product!

  • Gloria O.

    Great tea excellent service

  • Karima U.

    This teapot is perfect to provide continuous fresh tea all day while I'm teaching at home. The water heats quickly, stays perfectly hot, and the teapot on top is great as well.

  • Linda B.

    We were very impressed with the quality at the fat service I would recommend this to all my family and friends

  • Mehrdad M.

    I love it but more than that , love the customer service and her lovely way of talking and dealing with customers

  • Denise H.

    I love this thing. I like really strong tea, so I have been looking for exactly this. No more cold, strong tea. I can have hot tea without reheating! The warming function has changed my life, lol.

  • Birol B.

    Love our tea maker

  • Olcay S.

    There is no better way of brewing tea

  • ChristieG.

    I used to brew tea with traditional steel tea kettles however it is harder to control the heat of the water and the timings of boiling. Also, after a few hours, the tea gets colder and taste bitter and not fresh. With the Saki Tea Maker, my routine of tea changed. An electric kettle is better than steel tea kettles because it always brews at the right temperature and keeps. Also keep warm function keeps the tea fresh for hours and my tea never gets bitter and always fresh.

  • Maryam R.

    Fast delivery and good product

  • Soheil L.

    Have it for less than a month so far so good I love the design, very light, easy to wash, no water stain on the outside, doesn’t splash when pouring tea

  • Aydin

    Works and looks great.

  • Steffanie H.

    I am very pleased with the tea maker. It brews my tea all day long. It looks great and works really well. I thought I would have to spend hundreds to get the taste of tea that I was looking for. I’m so glad that’s not the case. Very pleased with the product. Would highly recommend it.

  • Marina M.

    I bought this tea maker as a gift My daughter likes color design

  • Mesut S.

    We call customers service because are tea put liking from handling please. They didn’t handle to case professionally. He didn’t say send it back . He wants me to videotape and send them first so they can see if fixed or!!! I don’t have time for to back off fords. It’s not liking to much but still problems.

  • Erim A.

    Cool kettle very happy with it.

  • Kadriye P.

    I am so glad becouse ı drink everyday very delicous tea and ı make very easy

  • Steve A.

    Very nice makes tea very delicious

  • Nawaf K.

    Great Product

  • Sengul U.

    Thank you so much


The Saki Turkish Tea Maker

Tea for more than two, all day long. With its 1.7-liter capacity and a warming function, you can drink hot, fresh tea any time. At the home or office, there's always enough for everyone, even unexpected visitors.


Durable & Easy to Clean

Tea is an everyday essential. The stainless steel body of our Turkish tea maker is as tough as it is easy to clean and maintain, no matter how heavily you use it.


Infuse & Re-use

We've added a window to the kettle, so you can see when you need to add water. A reusable infuser rotates 360° and can be removed easily for refilling and cleaning.

food grade






A water window for a quick check on your tea, a reusable infuser that is easy to remove and clean…and it rotates 360° too! Really, what more could you want?


Brewing ratio chart

  • Water
  • 12 oz/350 ml
  • 24 oz/710 ml
  • 30 oz/900 ml
  • TEA
  • 2 tsp
  • 4 tsp
  • 5 tsp

how to make turkish tea?


Filter for Tea Maker

Filter for Saki Tea Maker

2 reviews

Do not let old tea maker filters to ruin your tea joy.