What is the capacity of Baristan Electric Kettle?

The capacity of Baristan Electric Kettle is 34 oz (1 L), a little over 4 cups.

Is using an electric kettle safe for health?

Using an electric kettle is safe for health as long as it is made of glass or stainless steel. Plastic electric kettles are not recommended due to the risk of their leaching some harmful chemicals into the water. In no part of Baristan Electric Kettle is plastic or silicone used. 

What materials are used in Baristan Electric Kettle?

The body of Baristan Electric Kettle and its lid are made of stainless steel.

How much electricity does Baristan Electric Kettle use?

In fact, electric kettles consume a lot of energy ranging from 1.2 kWh to 3 kWh. Baristan Electric Kettle consumes 1.2 kWh which is the minimum level among the electric kettles in the market.

Are electric kettles used only for boiling water?

Electric kettles are manufactured to boil water, not other liquids. However, you can use the boiled water to make coffee, tea, noodles or to prepare some other food. Baristan Electric Kettle offers you more flexibility than regular kettles since it can either boil the water or heat it up to the temperature you set. It also has a holding function to keep the water at the set temperature for 60 minutes.

Why do I need Baristan Electric Kettle to make perfect pour over coffee?

The water temperature is of great importance to brew perfect pour over coffee. Baristan Electric Kettle will help you heat the water up to the specific degree necessary for an ideal brew and then, thanks to its holding function, will keep the water at that temperature for 60 more minutes if you are busy with something else. It also has a built-in stopwatch enabling you to track brewing time. These specific characteristics of Baristan Electric Kettle in addition to its unique design and quality material make it superior to other kettles for making perfect pour over kettle.

Where is Baristan Electric Kettle manufactured?

Baristan Electric Kettle is designed in California, USA and manufactured in PRC.

What should I do when the display reads No Water and Baristan Electric Kettle does not respond to anything?

This happens when the automatic safety mode of Baristan Electric Kettle is on, which is a feature to protect you from any hazard and extend the product lifetime. If the kettle gets heated with no water or the water level goes down below the minimum level, it goes to safety mode and a “No Water” sign is displayed. In this situation, you should unplug the kettle, fill it with cold water, and wait for 10 minutes to cool it off. In order to avoid this issue again, make sure the water level is above the minimum.

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Baristan Electric Kettle


Baristan Electric Kettle

24 reviews
Smart, precise and puts you in control. Slow down for just a few minutes and make this the ritual that starts your day. SAKI Baristan pour over kettle lets you brew aromatic coffee full of the complex flavor with every brew.
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Baristan Electric Kettle

Baristan Electric Kettle
Baristan Electric Kettle

24 reviews
Smart, precise and puts you in control. Slow down for just a few minutes and make this the ritual that starts your day. SAKI Baristan pour over kettle lets you brew aromatic coffee full of the complex flavor with every brew.

Product Specs

Power Supply AC 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power 1200W
Capacity 34 oz/1.0 Liters
Temperature Range 104 - 212 °F
Keep Warm Range 1 - 60 minutes
Weight 5.3 lb / 2.4 kg
Cord Length 3.2 ft
Plug Type-B (For U.S. and Canada)
Materials 304 stainless steel kettle body and lid.
Warranty 1 Year Full Product Warranty
Certifications ETL compliance, FCC certified

Item Dimensions

Baristan Electric Kettle
Baristan Electric Kettle

  • Christopher G.

    On weekends, when I have more time to drink a cup of great coffee the traditional way, I was seeking for a goose neck electric kettle for boiling coffee. This is a fantastic one. Color and style are both lovely. The ability to set and maintain a chosen temperature is a fantastic feature. When waiting 30 seconds before pouring hot water after soaking the filter with the initial drip, the timer comes in handy. The neck is thin enough to keep the pouring pace under control. It's also useful for brewing hot tea from a tea bag because it can direct hot water to the bag.

  • Joseph G.

    I chose to upgrade to the SAKI Baristan because my previous kettle quit boiling water. I was immediately upon arrival amazed by the kettle's appearance and feel after opening the box. But how does it function? Very beautifully done! SAKI Baristan maintains your preferred temperature just by laying the kettle on the base, which is extremely nice! It also warms up faster and maintains the temperature better than my previous kettle. The spout is really precise, and it pours somewhat slower than my old kettle. The pour speed is neither a plus nor a minus, but it takes no time to get accustomed to and works perfectly. The screen and button are both attractive and appear to be of good quality, and the kettle looks fantastic on my counter!

  • Joseph C.

    Everything about this kettle is amazing. Because I consume a variety of teas, I desired flexible temperature control (rather than presets). The timer is a fantastic addition. Everything tastes a lot better when boiled at the appropriate temperature for the appropriate length of time, and this kettle has increased my tea sipping experience. The gooseneck had a nice aspect to it, and the leisurely pour was relaxing. There are no rings or chimes; only lovely quiet. It's excellent!

  • Nicholas W.

    This kettle makes me so happy. I liked it so much that I took it with me to my hotel when I had to travel for work for a week. It's attractive, simple to operate, and easy to maintain, and it consistently produces the desired temperature. Not simply because of the matte black finish, but it's far more elegant than my old stainless steel water kettle. The gooseneck and base, as well as the handle design, make a big difference. When you pour, the top remains on, so you don't have to be concerned about it tipping over and pouring water all over the place. This is something I will and have recommended to others. It's well worth the investment.

  • Brandon C.

    So far, I've owned various water kettles, but none have been precise to the level that this one is. Because none of the gooseneck kettles have piqued my interest. That being said, for me, this kettle is a game-changer. I can have a lengthy product contains session and know that my temperature is exactly where I want it every time. Even when the kettle's water level is dropping. It adapts to your desired temperature and maintains it. It eliminates the need to modify my equipment for water temperature and pours. I love the kettle and would purchase it again in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how it compares to others, but it's difficult to picture anyone beating it in terms of temperature consistency or pour accuracy

  • Brian H.

    I've been such a tea-addict for a long time, but I've only lately started to dabble in the realm of fine coffee. Making pour-overs drew me in quickly (arguably the single best way to make a great cup of coffee). This kettle is ideal for this purpose. The option to control the temperature to the precise degree you wish is one of the features, as is a cleverly constructed spout that permits you to pour the coffee with accuracy (and at a perfect flow rate). If you know what you want, choosing the best product in its category is the simplest option. That is exactly what this kettle is. I'm pleased to report that the company's excellent customer service matches the service performance. They've established the gold standard for other companies to follow: well-designed, well made items backed up by outstanding customer service.

  • Anna R.

    Simply said, SAKI Baristan is as gorgeous as it is useful. This kettle, unlike others, is slim, minimal, and elegant. The kettle is much greater than I had anticipated. It feels just at home on my kitchen counter! I'm blown away by how rapidly it warms water! It feels quite solid in the hand and is extremely simple to manage. A slow, uniform pour is ensured by the handle. It's a lot more substantial than my stovetop kettle. The heaviness helps to keep the flow consistent and equal. I don't have to worry about how quickly I'm pouring because the kettle adjusts to my speed without overpouring. I also don't have to keep my other hand on the top anymore. Ultimately, this isn't just a kettle; it's a type of furniture. Simple, sleek, and useful. The directions are simple to follow, thorough, and easy to comprehend. Customer support is outstanding, with timely responses and a kind demeanor. I had a lot of inquiries before I bought something, and the happy, personable replies blew me away. If you have any issues or difficulties with an order, I strongly advise you to contact the vendor directly. Most vendors, in my experience, are eager to satisfy buyers and will go out of their way to support them.

  • Christina H.

    It has several nice features and looks beautiful on the counter. The hold feature is really useful. If you're like me and brew as much as the filter will hold instead of measuring, you may return the kettle to the base while the coffee drips, even heating up a little more water at the end (I add water to my pitcher after the filter is done). That way, I'll have leftovers for later iced coffee. The materials are superior than those found in a low-cost kettle. The exterior paint is quite attractive, and the lid is more solid than that of a less expensive kettle. On the counter top, the foundation is quite simple and inconspicuous. If you want something stylish for your counter, I recommend this. It's quite lovely!

  • Tracy B.

    Everything about this product was well-thought-out and done. I can vouch for the controls' usability, which does not fail. The spout is connected to the base by a recessed lip, which prevents steam from escaping when the water is boiling. As with most goosenecks, pouring is clean and simple. It's simple to open, fill, and clean this container. The grip is quite comfortable to hold. To set the temperature, there are simple controls. Toggle temperature hold and start a timer using discreet but no less straightforward buttons.

  • Alison W.

    In my opinion, this is the most attractive pour over kettle available. The form is nicely balanced for pouring, does not drip during pouring, and is entirely stainless steel on the interior with no silicon bits. The base is simple and small, so it doesn't take up too much space on my counter. This heating base and kettle combination proves that "less is more." The digital temperature display on the base warms up rapidly and is easy to see at a glance. I put the auto shut off to the test with a small amount of water, and it worked well.

  • Richard V.

    This tea kettle is amazing! It's great for preparing pour-over coffee, but it's also great for any other requirement for warm water. However you want, whether it's tea or oats. It also efficiently warms water. It gets high marks.

  • Arthur J.

    This is a terrific device. Simple to use, well-designed, well-constructed, and visually appealing. The ability to keep a steady temperature and the flow regulator on the interior of the kettle were two features I liked about it. If you value being able to manage as much of your brewing process as possible, the constant temperature is ideal. The flow regulator ensures a steady flow rate throughout your pour, which is crucial for regulating variables. This is the kettle for you if you want to go beyond a plain kettle and achieve an aesthetic nirvana that is above and beyond the standard.

  • Elizabeth H.

    I had my eye on this for a while and decided to take a chance. I truly adore it now that I have it, and you get what you pay for in the following ways: ● maintain the optimum temperature ● appealing to the eye ● slow pour out lightweight super rapid warming time numeric temperature rise visible in real time ● simple to clean

  • Angela V.

    This is fantastic! I've never had an electric water kettle before, but I found this one online and it's fantastic! It boils water in less than 2 minutes, is elegant, and easy to use. This is such a lovely pot!

  • Stephen A.

    I'm so glad I bought this fantastic kettle! It's of excellent quality and workmanship! It's simple to use and produces the greatest pour possible! The spout doesn't leak, and the volume of water that pours out is just right! I enjoy the hold feature since it holds the water temperature where you want it after the first cup of coffee or tea pour, preventing the kettle from having to reheat. The design is well-considered, and it looks great on the kitchen counter! Both the kettle and the handle are properly balanced. I wish I had bought this kettle sooner!

  • Wendy K.

    The inside of the kettle is smooth and shiny, with a matte black outside. It just takes a few minutes to heat the whole kettle to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is quiet. I had no clue how awful my other kettles were until I poured with this one, and the pour is really exact. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the handle. For handling and pouring, I find it quite convenient. The top is great for managing your pour, so you're not placing the kettle's entire weight on your wrist. One of my favorite components about the kettle is the lid. It simply glides on and off the kettle, but it stays put when it's on. Some of my previous kettles have the worst lids, spilling water or burning you when you try to lift them. This kettle's lid is extremely easy to remove and stays cold to the touch. It's not overly light or plasticky. The entire kettle is beautifully presented and looks fantastic on the counter

  • Dennis G.

    I was concerned to spend this much money on a gooseneck kettle with various temperatures, but I am so pleased I did. It has it all...variable temperature, hold setting, quick to heat, gooseneck, AND it was the finest of the bunch! We'd been using a gooseneck stovetop kettle for pour-over for a few years and wanted better control over the water temperature (I'd frequently forget to turn on the kettle and start multitasking). This quickly warms the water, which is fantastic in the morning. When I'm multitasking, the hold feature is my best buddy. I can pour over my coffee whenever it's convenient instead of having to worry about getting it off the stovetop right away like I used to.

  • Juan L.

    Impressed with this kettle!!

  • Andrew G.

    Super easy to use! All you have to do is set the temperature and rest is handled with Saki kettle, even it keeps the water warm automatically.

  • Caitlin C.

    Great upgrade! My coffee game is level up with this kettle. Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for better quality product on their coffee setup.

  • Kendall D.

    Quality is hidden under small details. Compared the others I loved the light ring that is built under the kettle. I felt like kettle is breathing which is a small but great detail on a kettle. Very impressed with the design.

  • Luke G.

    Very impressed with the design but especially the material quality. There are so many options you can buy but this kettle worth every penny I spend.

  • Bruce Y.

    Handle is a game changer, grip of handle helped me to have more control over my morning brews.

  • Sofi T.

    I loved the kettle, super fast, quiet. Also it doesn’t take up any room and looks like a decoration rather than a kettle.

quick, precise, & ATTRACTIVE


Uniquely Smart.
And Lets You Know It.

We’ve built a smart light ring into the base, so that when your water temperature is just right, it shows it. Our light ring is unique on the market. It works like this: You set the temperature. When your water starts to boil, the ring will begin to imitate the human breath by pulsing. When the kettle reaches the desired temperature, the pulsing will stop, and the light will glow steadily. You don’t have to stand over it to know your water’s ready for brewing.

air fryer oven

A Safe, Helping Hand.

The handle’s rubber grip is heat-resistant, so the high temperatures stay where they’re needed, in the kettle and in the water. The texture of the handle also gives you a good grip to help with that steady pour.

18 second

A Precise Pour for Lots of Flavor.

The slower the pour, the more complex the flavor. Our kettle’s gooseneck spout gives you control with a slow, precise pour.

precision pour

Easy to Read.
Easy to Set.

The base of our pour-over kettle features a large temperature display that you can read from across the kitchen.


Ready When
You Want It.

Not before. Not after. If you’re not quite ready to brew your coffee, with the automatic temperature hold function Baristan pour over kettle will hold your water hot for up to 60 minutes.


A Brew Timer.
Built Into the Kettle.

Timing is key to making the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Ideally, the brew should take between two and a half to three minutes. Our kettle has another role after it boils your water because we’ve built a timer into it. When you start the clock, it counts up to 10 minutes so that you can time your pouring and brewing.


Control Your Pour.

Our counterbalanced handle gives you more control over your pour. The handle’s careful balance lets you pour at a slow, steady pace by moving the kettle’s mass back toward your hand.


Quality Materials.

High-grade steel. And a luxurious, soft-close, rubber lid.


Brewing ratio chart

  • Water
  • 8 oz/240 g
  • 12 oz/320 g
  • 16 oz/475 g
  • 20 oz/600 g
  • Coffee
  • 16 grams
  • 24 grams
  • 32 grams
  • 40 grams



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