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Warranty Policy

Below, you can read all about our Warranty Policy. If you have any questions, there are three ways to contact us listed at the bottom of the page. We're happy to help in any way we can.

As the manufacturer of Saki products, we are responsible for the quality and smooth operation of our products. For our appliances, we provide a 12-month warranty, which goes into effect on the date of purchase.

Within the warranty period, we will, at our sole discretion and free of charge, remedy all defects due to material or manufacturing flaws, either by repair or replacement of the appliance.

We can render warranty services only on presentation of the proof of purchase, so please keep that for your records, just in case.

The SAKI warranty is applicable only in North America, where SAKI products are sold with our authorization. Outside North America, we work with service partners who are authorized by us to work on our appliances. To find our service partners, please visit our service page, where we maintain a list of those partners and their contact information by country.

Things That Are Exempt From Warranty
Unfortunately, the following are exempt from warranty:

- components subject to normal wear and tear (for example, replacement parts such as shaving foil or cutting blades), as well as defects that only negligibly affect the value or usability of the appliance.

- defects caused by improper handling or insufficient maintenance and care of the appliance, defects due to non-compliance with the applicable safety precautions, defects due to interventions by non-authorized persons and the use of any replacementparts other than the original replacement parts, as well as damage caused by accidents such as fire, water or other forces majeures.

- damages due to commercial use.

Non-extension of Warranty

The SAKI warranty period will not be extended by the replacement of the appliance and will expire 12 months from the original date of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The statutory warranty rights of the consumer will not be reduced or amended by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your product has already exceeded the granted manufacturer’s warranty, it has served you longer and more reliably than most comparable products on the market. If the warranty has already expired, it is with regret that we can no longer replace it.