Tips on How to Make Turkish Tea

A fixture at breakfast, the perfect accessory to an evening chitchat, the ultimate ending to a long and tiring day; Turkish tea is an indispensable part of the rich Turkish culture. For a delicious & rich-flavored cup of Turkish tea, you have to master the art of making it. Learn how to make Turkish tea with tips & guidelines gathered from local cooks and experts.

Making Turkish Tea: A Beginner's Guide

The secret to making Turkish tea is to enjoy the process it offers. Turkish people serve tea to their guest without question, because it plays a huge role in their daily lives and resembles much more than just a cup of hot beverage. The soothing affect it brings to any occasion is what makes Turkish tea making a blessing in disguise.

In order to learn how to make Turkish tea properly, first of all you need the necessary equipment to set your Turkish tea making journey on the right track. A full-on Turkish tea recipe requires;

  • A double teapot
  • A high-quality Turkish tea brand
  • Hot water
  • Turkish tea glasses
  • Turkish tea glasses plates
  • Teaspoons
  • Sugar cubes
  • A tray for serving

Most of the Turkish tea glasses have a thin waist, providing an easier grip. The usually thicker upper part of the glass tempers the heat and offers an effortless hold. Now let's dig in into the good stuff and learn how to make Turkish tea with one teapot, a double teapot or a kettle.


A traditional Turkish teapot comes with two pots, one large and one small, usually placed on top of the other. Fill the larger pot with water and boil it with the smaller pot on top of it serving as a lid.


While the water in the larger pot sets to boil, add one teaspoon of Turkish tea leaves into the smaller pot for each glass you plan on serving. So let's say you have 4 people to serve tea to; that means you will need at least 0,8 liters of water and 8 teaspoons of tea leaves in order to serve at least two glasses of tea.


Once the water in the larger bot has boiled, fill the smaller pot with it and let the tea leaves rest for at least 10 minutes. It is not common to serve the tea until the tea leaves have sunken to the bottom of the pot entirely.


While your tea leaves are peacefully brewing in the smaller pot, make sure to refill the larger one in order to keep the water levels sufficient at all times.

Step 5: Time to Serve!

You will know when it's time to serve your Turkish tea once you have hit these two marks: your tea leaves have sunk and the additional water in the larger pot has boiled. Make sure to adjust the heat of the stove to a minimum once the boiling process is over so that the water does not evaporate as you enjoy your beverages.

Turkish Tea Making Pro Tips

As with any tea-making process, the traditional Turkish tea recipe also has it's tricks of the trade that lead to the finest cup.

  • Fill each glass only with maximum the one third of the brewed mixture.
  • Do not forget to ask your guest how they would prefer their tea before serving it. Some might prefer a lighter and softer taste.
  • The premium cup of tea is defined as "rabbit's blood" in Turkish; which resembles a dark and rich red color.
  • For a richer taste, wait out the boiling phase of the water before initially pouring it onto the leaves.
  • Try not to serve the tea that has been sitting on the stove for more than 2-3 hours; as it may become bitter and stale with time.