Every household has its own way of preparing tea, however it is a known fact that no matter what preparation method you use, the secret to the perfect cup of brew is in the exquisite details. From brewing time to the type of teapot you need to use, here are the top instructions on how to prepare tea.

Let's Start with the Basics: Preparing Black Tea

Black tea is the most common type of tea prepared all around the world, not to mention the Middle East and Asia. Although it may vary from culture to culture, the best way of preparing black tea is by using a special tea maker that is designed to achieve the ultimate taste. A Turkish teapot consists of two parts: a larger pot where you boil the water, and a smaller pot placed above it for the tea to brew. In order to reach the perfect balance of Turkish tea, it is said that the tea leaves have to sit on top of the boiling water pot for at least 10 to 12 minutes without interruption. To enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Turkish tea, you must make sure to add just the ideal amount of tea versus water to your glass. For further detail, check out our blog post where we explain the makings of Turkish tea step by step.

It is an essential habit

To enjoy a hot cup of green tea every evening for a quick health-boost.

An Evening Tradition: Preparing Green Tea

Although preparing green tea is not as complex as making black tea, this type of tea making also has its own tips and tricks of the trade. The most common handicap you might endure upon while preparing green tea is the bitterness that comes with the leaves sitting in the teapot for too long. To avoid this, you can use a special teapot with an infuser that is completely removable, therefore giving you the opportunity to take out the green tea leaves from the pot once they start to settle. When making green tea, it is important to let the boiled water to cool down for a minute or two before pouring it on the leaves to get the best out of this delicacy. If you are using a standard teabag, do not let the bag infuse more than 3 minutes to avoid any sort of bitterness. Known also as Camellia sinensis, green tea is a non-fermented type of tea which is quite rich in antioxidants, therefore it is an essential habit to enjoy a hot cup of green tea every evening for a quick health-boost.

Preparing Tea with Milk

Another tricky type of tea-making; preparing tea with milk is probably the most British way to enjoy your fine china. When making milk tea, the most common type of tea used is standard black tea. After making black tea the way you prefer, simply pour in a dash of milk and stir the cup with a spoon to blend the aromas evenly. Do not forget that adding too much milk into the tea will mask the taste of the tea, as well as ruining the heat of the drink. For the best taste and ideal amount of tea, you can use a French Press to brew your leaves first and a milk pot when adding your milk later.

 How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Although black tea and green tea require a certain amount of attention when it comes to making tea, it is safe to say that you can use these following steps when making any sort of tea; whether you are preparing ginger tea or making chamomile tea.

Boil water: Although different types of tea leaves require different water temperatures for the ultimate brew, usually kettle-boiled tap water that has cooled down for 2-3 minutes will do the trick just fine.

Warm up your teapot: To take tea making into the next level, you have to warm up your teapot before putting in the tea leaves by filling half of it with boiled water and giving it a few swirls.

Place tea and hot water into the pot: The amount of tealeaves that you place in the teapot is also crucial and depends on the number of party you are making the tea for.

Close lid of teapot and steep the tea: Make sure to set a timer for the correct amount of time. When using tea leaves, each type of tea has its own brewing time and it is usually stated so on the box. However, when making tea from teabags, you should never set the teabag in the cup for more than 5 minutes.

Pour hot tea in cups: For another cup, just add more tea from the teapot to the half of the cup and fill the rest with freshly boiled water.