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With a global pandemic upon our door, it is only natural that we seek ways to protect ourselves from the viruses and bacteria that seem to be lurking anywhere, at any given time. One of these ways seems to be the positive correlation between air purifiers and coronavirus. Here is everything you need to know about using air purifiers during coronavirus.

First Things First: Do Air Purifiers Kill COVID?

This will be a firm "no". Many studies and numerous consumer reports have found that air purifiers in fact do not kill the COVID-19 virus, which is an air-borne virus that spreads primarily through discharge from the nose or droplets of saliva of an infected person. As of now the disease does not yet have a spot-on treatment and no vaccine has been officially launched yet; that is why it is especially important for people to protect themselves from the virus amidst this global pandemic.

Even though the answer to the question "Does air purifier remove coronavirus?" is an affirmative no, it is also a known fact that air purifiers and air cleaners of the sort help with the protection of caregivers and family members during a quarantine. Using an air purifier during COVID has many positive benefits. 

Should I Use An Air Purifier During the COVID Pandemic?

Air purifiers that have a built-in HEPA filtration are known to efficiently capture particles at any size; especially the ones that are as small as the virus that causes COVID-19. It is safe to say that even though using air purifiers against COVID is not a first-hand solution in protection against the virus, it is definitely a good-to-have method for the well being of your family and loved ones. It is known that the virus, among other ways, may be easily transmitted trough air. While the COVID-19 virus is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter, the HEPA filters used in air cleaners for COVID are able to capture it with impressive effectivity. A Nasa Study has found and confirmed that these types of air filters can process up to 0.01 microns of particles, easily meeting and surpassing the 0.3 micron HEPA standard.

Although using an air purifier during coronavirus is not a mandatory standard such as wearing a mask, going by the book of lockdowns and using hand sanitizers religiously, it is a big plus for a crowded family with members regularly stepping outside to go to work or run errands. Air purifiers should definitely not be considered a first-degree defense against COVID, however if you already happen to have one at home, there is definitely more good than harm turning it on once in a while.

What Are the Benefits of Using Air Purifier During a Pandemic?

The HEPA air purifiers and COVID situation is still a gray area that demands further research and proven facts; however it is safe to say that using an air purifier during a pandemic such as COVID will most likely hand you benefits such as:

  • It helps airing out the room much faster for an effective air circulation.
  • High-efficiency HEPA filtered air purifiers capture possible viruses and bacteria. 
  • It helps clean out the air and avoid unwanted allergies to dust, pollen and similar external factors.
  • They remove dust and smoke within the room for a fresher, cleaner atmosphere.
  • Changing the filters of the purifier regularly helps keep the air in the room cleaner at all times. 
  • If there is a sick person in the room, running it for 24 hours may ease the respiratory side effects that the illness is causing.
  • Refreshing the air in a home with COVID-19 infected patients helps minimize the risk of contagiousness.
  • Running an air purifier in the quarantine room helps protect primary caregivers.

It is important to know that even the best air purifier cannot solve the main problem, which is like most viruses, coronavirus is also spreading through person-to-person and contaminated surfaces contact. That is why even though it is a plus using an air purifier in your home to enhance the situation, it is even more vital to follow the official guidelines specified during the pandemic and wait out the storm in the safety and wellness of your home.