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Hava Temizleyici Filtresi


Hava Temizleyici Filtresi

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Taze hava teneffüs etmeye devam etmek için hava temizleyici yedek filtresi.
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Hava Temizleyici Filtresi
Hava Temizleyici Filtresi

  • Roseann C.

    I am very satisfied with Saki and filter good quality and price

  • BETTY F.

    I will give you a five

  • Anne J.

    One of my purifiers runs constantly on red. I switched it with one of the others and it did not happen, so it is not the air in that room. I am unable to find any kind of customer support to find out what the problem might be. I am perfectly happy with the new filters. Could I get a phone number or email to find the problem with the unit?

  • Kaegen L.

    I've noticed that it does collect a little dust, but the top of the purifier unit's exit vent gets caked with dust particles; the little grates get coated along the edges and inside with dust and small particles.

  • Gayle

    Easy to install and is a high grade filter.

  • Pillai

    I have Vanaheim air purifier and amazon no longer carries replacement filters for this brand, but I now know that Saki filters fit perfectly, and amazon does carry these. So happy.