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Founded in 2018 as a small family company, SAKI aims to make the lives of its customers easier with its wide range of products combining technology, design, and creativity. When SAKI started with introducing the Electric Samovar, a long-lost tea drinking tradition, in a modern yet respectably conventional way, it managed to achieve great success in both the American and global markets. Swiftly updating and upgrading its product range, today, SAKI is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand in smart kitchen appliances and high-tech cookware. Reaching homes in nearly 20 countries with its 5 product categories and 27 different products, SAKI is determined to create a professional yet cozy cooking environment in every kitchen it sets foot in.

From state-of-the-art sous vide cookers, easy-to-use modern-day samovars to top-end coffee makers, spending time in the kitchen is now evolving into an irreplaceable pleasure at the hand of SAKI. Preparing home-made bread, cooking delicious steak, stirring up drinks, and making morning coffee has never been easier thanks to SAKI's high-quality kitchen appliances. Enjoy the luxury of clean air with SAKI's air treatment products, as well as exclusive tea-making products for the ultimate tea experience.

Join the beautiful world of SAKI home & kitchen products to upgrade your kitchen and enjoy the perks of the latest technology in your home.