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Can I also use samovar to make Turkish tea?

Yes, you can use samovar to make Turkish tea because it is a dual teapot as well. You can visit our related blog to learn more about samovar following this link.

Should I use loose tea leaves or tea bags to make Turkish tea?

It is always better to use loose tea leaves to make tea since the flavor of the bag will also infuse to water and spoil the taste of the final infusion.

Which teapot should I use to make Turkish tea?

Porcelain teapots are the most recommended teapots to make Turkish tea. However, according to my personal experience as a black tea lover, it is not the material of the teapot but the quality of tea leaves and water that determines the perfectness of tea. But in any case, if you would like to have more information about different teapots, you can follow this link to reach our blog about the details of different teapots.


Turkish Tea Recipe

Category:Hot beverage
Cook Time:25 minutes
Prep Time:5 minutes
Author:Emine Aslan
Calories: 1

Here are the tips and guidelines to make perfect Turkish tea. Brew some tea and enjoy the soothing effect it brings to any occasion!

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Turkish Tea Recipe

Being a fixture at breakfast, the perfect company for an evening chitchat, and the ultimate ending to a long and tiring day, Turkish tea is an indispensable part of the rich Turkish culture. Turkish people serve tea to their guests without question because it plays a huge role in daily lives and means much more than just a cup of hot beverage. The soothing effect it brings to any occasion is what makes Turkish tea a blessing in disguise.

Turkish tea is an infusion of black tea leaves steeped in boiled water. Turkish tea is brewed in a dual teapot stacked upon each other. The upper one is used to steep tea leaves while the lower one provides heat to keep the steeping tea above warm via the boiling water in it. Turkish tea brewing method is different from English, Irish, and Chinese methods, and similar to Russian, Persian, with its dual brewing method and continuous heating.

The dual teapot needed to make Turkish tea is called “çaydanlık” in Turkish which can be translated into English as tea maker. Çaydanlık consists of two parts stacked upon each other during the whole brewing process. The lower part is bigger and serves as a kettle and the upper part is smaller and serves as a teapot. So, the lower part is used to boil the water and the upper part is to steep the black tea leaves.

Since what makes a black tea Turkish tea is the dual brewing method and continuous heating, you need a dual teapot to make Turkish tea. Of course, if you are going to make Turkish tea for the first time, you may not have a tea maker (çaydanlık) at hand. In this case, you can also use two deep pots or saucepans in your kitchen which can be stacked upon each other.

In addition to the equipment needed to make Turkish tea, we should also mention the ingredients: tea leaves and water. To make Turkish tea you can use any black tea on the market depending on your palate preference. You can find detailed information about the black tea brands to make Turkish tea in our dedicated blog by following this link.

The water, on the other hand, should be filtered or bottled water if your tap water is of poor quality and rich in chemicals. While deciding about which black tea and water to be used to make Turkish tea, you should always keep in mind that the quality of tea leaves and water will affect the taste of the tea you make, in fact, they are the main determiner of its taste. So, you should use quality tea leaves and quality water to enjoy Turkish tea.

As for the tea-to-water ratio to make Turkish tea, there is no magic formula and the ratio changes depending on the tea leaves and personal preference. You can use a 1:40 ratio for the beginning, which means 1 gr of tea leaves for each 40 ml of water, and then adjust the ratio according to your palate taste. For example, we use a 1:40 ratio while making tea with Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire tea but 1:30 with Ofçay tea.

Before moving on to the recipe below, there is one last thing we should mention about Turkish tea, whether other flavors are added to it. Turkish tea is usually brewed only with black tea leaves and boiled water, and drunk directly, or by adding some sugar. There are also some people who drip some lemon juice into their tea glasses, or add a clove, a small lemon piece, or fresh mint leaves in it but these are not very common.

There are also some other flavors that some people add to black tea leaves during steeping. These flavors are Earl Grey tea (called “tomurcuk” in Turkish), clove, or cinnamon stick. However, we did not include these ingredients in the recipe below since they are very rarely used. If you want to try Turkish tea with these flavors, you can add 1 stick of cinnamon, or 3 to 5 cloves, or 5 grams of Earl Grey tea to the recipe below. You should add these while putting tea leaves in the teapot.

With all these having in mind, let’s move on to the Turkish tea recipe below and enjoy the process of making it!


  • 85 oz (2.5 L) water (27 oz for brewing tea), filtered or bottled if tap water is of poor quality

  • 20 gr black tea leaves

  • A dual teapot

  • Some sugar (optional)


  1. Add water to the lower kettle and put it on the stove to boil. The amount of water should be at least at the capacity of the upper teapot since we will use this water to steep black tea leaves.

  2. Once the water is boiled, add black tea leaves to the upper teapot and pour the boiled water over it. The amount of water you pour should be 27 oz (0.8 L). If your teapot is larger and you would like to make more tea, increase the amount of tea leaves proportionally.

  3. Add more water into the lower kettle, put it again on the stove to boil, and place the upper teapot over it, closing its lid.

  4. Once the water is boiled, wait for 15 minutes for tea leaves to release all their flavors into the water. You can check whether the tea is brewed sufficiently by opening the lid and observing the tea leaves. If the leaves have sunk to the bottom, the tea is ready to drink. If not, wait some more because brewing time can change depending on tea leaves.

  5. Once tea is ready, prepare either the tea glasses or the tea cups whichever you prefer. Pour the infusion in the upper teapot halfway into the glasses, and then add boiled water to them from the lower kettle upto the rim of the glass. If some people want lighter or stronger tea, you can adjust it by changing the amount of infusion you pour into the glass.

  6. Your Turkish tea is ready, serve it to your loved ones and enjoy the teatime!

Besin Değerleri

Porsiyon Boyutu 1 tea glass
Günlük Oran
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2 milligrams
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    Please keep in mind that you can change the amounts of ingredients mentioned above according to your preference. The more tea leaves you add the stronger the tea becomes and vice versa. On the other hand, you can also adjust the hardness of Turkish tea by pouring less infusion into the tea glass from the upper teapot, and more boiled water over it from the lower kettle.

    The Turkish tea recipe above yields almost 20 Turkish tea glasses of tea, which is equal to almost 10 tea cups of tea. Traditionally, Turkish tea is drunk more than one glass, 2-3 glasses for breakfast, and 4-6 glasses for a tea gathering.


    Turkish tea is served in tulip-shaped tea glasses placed over a porcelain, glass, or metallic tea saucer. If drinkers prefer their tea with sugar, then a teaspoon is put in the tea glass or saucer, and a sugar bowl is added to the tea service. By the way, you can also serve Turkish tea in traditional porcelain tea cups and saucers as some people in Turkey also prefer.

    Additionally, it is customary to prepare a cake or pastry to accompany the tea when your friends come to drink tea at your house.

    By the way, you should try not to serve the tea that has been sitting on the stove for more than 2-3 hours as it becomes bitter and stale with time.


    Turkish tea is hotter than other black teas made in one teapot. Since Turkish tea is brewed over boiling water and kept on the stove until it finishes, it is always at boiling temperature when served. So, it would be better to wait for some time before drinking it to avoid any burn.