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Electric Samovar


Electric Samovar

41 reviews
Tea is a staple. Drinking it is a ritual. Whether you’re having a brief chat, falling into deep conversation, or just taking a moment to slow down, tea is the comfort food of beverages and welcome at any time of day.
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Electric Samovar

Electric Samovar - 110 V TEA SAKI Black
Electric Samovar

41 reviews
Tea is a staple. Drinking it is a ritual. Whether you’re having a brief chat, falling into deep conversation, or just taking a moment to slow down, tea is the comfort food of beverages and welcome at any time of day.

Product Specs

Model Name Saki Samovar
Size 10.7 x 10.7 x 19.5 in
Power 1200 W
Keep Warm 80-100 W
Product Weight 7.55 lbs
Input AC100-120V 50/60Hz
Electric Samovar
Electric Samovar

  • Maria R.

    Love my samovar.. I got it in white easy to use keeps my tea warm. Bought two I loved it so much one for home one for work!!

  • Cihat K.

    Fast shipment. Good quality.

  • Esat O.

    With a gallon capacity, this semover supply all day hot water for our houses tea, coffee and cocoa needs. Energy efficient and safe. For the fifth star I would like to have a WiFi capability and maybe a little faster faucet under it. Overall it is very good and useful product.

  • Golru G.

    Was hoping for a great product. And so far it has met my expectations

  • Kamran M.

    Thank you for replacing my unit so quickly. I received my new unit yesterday and it is working great.

  • Eda G.

    Highly recommended.Samovar is a amazing. Customer Service so gentle and so helper.Thank you.

  • Seda E.


  • Seyma B.

    Çok begendım ne zamandır almayı düşünüyordum fiyatı düşünce hemen aldım çok memnun kaldık

  • Debbie M.

    I haven’t used my samovar as yet but I did test it to make sure it is in working order. Everything seemed ok. It exactly what I wanted and can’t wait to use it on Thanksgiving!

  • Zekeriya C.

    I ordered 3 items, and received only one. Trying to reach them out, but nobody replies to my emails! Very disappointed!!

  • Raziye Y.

    I like this Samovar. Finally I got the taste that took me to my hometown in Turkey. Very easy to use and good for the big family with tea addiction. Thank you Saki to bring us that joy.

  • Sam H.

    I was happy with my samavar since they shipped it asa I ordered and included 10% on the time of purchase. And no tax. Great deal and I was very happy with overall the deal and shipment.

  • Mike J.

    I’m Very very happy from your products thank you so much

  • Bijan F.

    Liked the quick delivery and looks and works great so far

  • abaykal@gmail.com

    I purchased this product based on the great reviews and when i received it couple days ago, i was eager to try it out. However, the lid for the top does not fit when filter is inserted. i took the filter out and it fits well. poor Q/A process.

  • Berletney H.

    Awesome product and customer service

  • Jean S.

    Love it. Keeps the tea pot hot for a very long time. I like to have a supply of hot water at the ready for my second part as well. Nice to have boiled water to use for other purposes.

  • James W.

    Absolutely a marvel. Can’t imagine life without it now!

  • Afshan F.

    Horrible experience

  • Ahmad M.

    Defected item right from the box. Has contacted the seller by email and phone message without any response!! Has contacted PayPal opened a claim and will call my credit card company next week if it’s not resolved immediately.

  • Wilbur U.

    Thank you for the replacement. A samovar is the best way to have your tea. SAKI is the best samovar on the market. If you ever have a problem, they stand by their product!

  • Shaun G.

    The best thing about this Samavar is the people. My first one stopped working after 3 months . When I called the company, they were exceptional. Polite, nice, respectful. Can’t say enough about customer service. They sent me a new one without any charges. My little issue is that it doesn’t stay hot. Middle easterners like hot tea. It I recommend them highly.

  • Robert L.

    Great design and features, well made.

  • Joscelyn K.

    Great addition for tea drinkers & family members who utilize hot water!

  • Mike J.

    Very very good

  • Mustafa T.

    So far great. Quality is very good. All they drinking tea in our office.

  • Gholamhossein a.

    I think the boiling time is a bit long and the amount water of Samovar tap is low.


    I love it! Tea time!

  • Fatemeh S.

    I just loved it thank you

  • Yalda C.

    I absolutely LOVE it ! I so so so happy that I decided to purchase this Samovar. It works perfectly and it matches with my kitchen appliances. Thank You SAKI !

  • Lorraine S.

    Great high quality product. We have tea 24/7 as the water stays hot all day! Easy to use and excellent customer service!

  • Selma A.

    That samovar is awesome. The teapot part is very big and useful, easy to clean. Best part is customer service. They are fast in responding, kind and helpful.

  • Lidiya M.

    Good product

  • Shahram S.

    Hi, Order No. 1577: your support promissed me to send me an european adapter with the order. And it is not. Why? how can I use your porduct & give you a feedback??

  • ChristieG.

    I am using the tea maker from Saki and I am very satisfied it for almost 4 months. However, my only issue is that it is small for large group of friends and family gatherings. So I decided to purchase this samovar to not brew tea over and over again in the small tea kettle. Now, I just enjoy my nighs during a large group of guests and like the tea maker, this samovar keeps the tea fresh for hours.

  • Deborah B.

    A must have for tea drinkers!!! Keeps the teapot warm while I savor each cup. I personally use my electric tea kettle to heat the water for the first pot of loose-leaf tea in the morning, brewing it in the Samovar's teapot, then keeping it warm on top, and I use the heated water in the Samovar's reservoir to make bagged herbal tea throughout the day. I have the Samovar in heat mode on-going throughout the day/evening. I have no caveats about the quality/functionality. Definitely suggest warming the teapot before brewing for maximum heat retention. Ordering was easy. Product delivery was quick. We are a family of three and drink multiple cups per day. Teapot is about six regular sized cups (not mugs). Samovar heats relatively quickly. Maybe about 10 minutes, though I haven't officially timed it. I have been using for a couple of weeks without issue. I definitely recommend!!!

  • Arthur B.

    I have a vintage electric/wood/coal samovar from my family from long long ago. I do not use it. Being a loose tea drinker and tired of my homemade samovar type setup. I decided to pay some homage to my ancestors and buy this samovar. The features were alluring and I rejected other makes. This is a well made device with some features I enjoy, such as the "keep hot" , the on/off switch I can find and the recessing button for the top strainer. You kept respect for the original samovar as I have one on display near it. And best of all, we both make a great cup of tea (with thanks to Alexa for timing). How about an optional bigger teapot for when company comes?

  • Deborah L.

    We use the Saki Electric Samovar all the time. It is gorgeous and works beautifully.

  • Pervin B.

    I like it so much

  • Mehrdad T.

    I ordered 3 of them from Norway and although they know that in EU power supply is 220 volts they sent me 110 volts and forced to return them back and I lost more than 300 USD for postage and since I Unpacked one samovar, they reject to refund for that.

  • M M.

    I like it and it brews excellent tea, easy to use, functions well. Perfect.


XL Capacity

The Saki Samovar has a 3.2-liter water capacity, so it's ready to serve as much tea as you want, whenever you want it.

steel body

Efficient & Safe

Our Samovar will automatically shut itself off when it reaches boiling point.


Well-Crafted & Modern

We paired a quality stainless steel kettle with a handmade porcelain teapot for curvaceous and modern good looks.



48 oz.




Well-Crafted & Modern


Whether you’re having a leisurely talk or deep conversation – savor fresh, hot tea throughout the day.


Brewing ratio chart

  • Water
  • 12 oz/350 g
  • 24 oz/710 g
  • 36 oz/1060 g
  • 48 oz/1400 g
  • Tea
  • 2 tsp
  • 4 tsp
  • 6 tsp
  • 8 tsp

how to make turkish tea?


Samovar Replacement Teapot

Samovar Replacement Teapot

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Ensuring a healthy and delicious tea time everyday!

Samovar Teapot Filter

Samovar Teapot Filter

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Do not worry here is the replacement teapot for your samovar.