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It is your time to enjoy the best aromas and freshness of delicious tea with SAKI's tea collection. From porcelain teapots to electric samovars, the best of the best is gathered here for die-hard tea lovers.

A Must-Have for Your Kitchen: The Tea Maker

No kitchen is fully complete without a high-end tea kettle. With the SAKI Tea Maker, you can prepare delicious Turkish tea just how it is meant to be done. This machine does not only brew a mean cup of tea, it also looks good brewing it. With red and silver color options, it is a necessary adjustment to your magnificent kitchen. While you can use this tea maker to prepare tea exclusively, you can also use it just to boil hot water for your meals or any other purposes.
Turkish Tea Maker - 110 V

Enjoy Old Fashion in a New Way: The Samovar

Be it a deep conversation or a relaxed talk - fresh and hot tea is a must for any gathering of the sort. While the samovar is definitely not a new gadget when it comes to preparing tea, SAKI's high-end electric samovar tea maker is definitely the ultimate way to go for a modern yet still vintage method for tea-brewing. The SAKI Samovar helps you savor fresh and hot tea throughout the day, meanwhile minimizing the cleaning process with its sleek and user-friendly design. This tea maker's reusable and stainless steel infuser helps you brew the richest flavored tea - be it black, green, Russian, Turkish or English.
Electric Samovar - 110 V

Brew Tea Any Time, Anywhere

SAKI's porcelain teapot collection is another must for tea lovers. Made of high-quality porcelain, this teapot comes with a candle warmer option to keep your tea hot in style at all times. The SAKI Porcelain Teapot ensures maximum safety, keeps your beverage warm, does not require electricity and adds a nostalgic spin to tea-time. It is light, portable, and convenient; turning the tea preparation process into an enjoyable and fun journey. The reusable and easy-to-clean infuser offers a functional design while ensuring quick and safe pouring as well. Green tea, oolong, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, chai tea latte and black tea are a few of the many tea types you can enjoy in your porcelain teapot.
Large Porcelain Teapot, 48 Ounce
Large Porcelain Teapot with Candle Warmer, 48 Ounce

FAQ About Tea

What type of candles should I use for the candle warmer?

Tealight candles will do just fine.

Is the samovar safe to leave unattended?

The SAKI samovar has an automatic switch-off button, ensuring maximum safety in your kitchen.

What type of tea can I brew in a tea maker?

While the tea maker is traditionally designed for Turkish tea, you can prepare almost any sort of tea of your liking in this versatile machine.

How to best clean a porcelain teapot?

Just use warm water and mild soap when cleaning your teapot. You can also put the product in the dishwasher.

Is the SAKI samovar electric?

Yes, SAKI’s samovar is completely electric.