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Accessories, Spare Parts & Replacements

Nothing stands in the way of a good cuppa; not even the missing parts. Your machines will work seamlessly with these necessary replacements & accessories.

Air Master Filters

The SAKI Air Master air purifier is the go-to product when it comes to having clean and fresh air in your home. For the best air purifier experience, you will need the best air purifier filter replacement there is. With SAKI's air purifier filters, you can ensure that the air quality in your home or office is top nautch. This HEPA filter meets both the ISO / European (ISO29463 / EN 1822) and US Standard (MIL-STD-282) of particle removal at ≥ 99.95% and ≥ 99.97% filtration rates, as well as having a 99.99% proven particle removal for the ultimate air quality. Use the SAKI HEPA air purifier filter to soothe your allergies, trap pollen and dust, capture nano-particles harmful for you and remove most airborne threats that compromise the quality of air.
True HEPA H13 Air Purifier Replacement Filter

Teapot Filters & Accessories

A teapot is nothing without a high-quality, durable and reusable teapot filter. Here you can find the ideal filter for teapot of your choice. SAKI tea filters are made out of everlasting stainless steel, therefore minimizing oxidation and rust, ensuring a healthy and delicious tea time everyday. To find the ideal tea leaves filter for your SAKI Tea Maker, just browse through the various filter options we have here and select your favorite. The extra fine stainless steel infuser helps gather tea leaves, avoids contamination of small tea particles in the teapot and provides an enjoyable tea drinking session every single time.
Teapot Filter

Samovar Teapots & Filters

If you have purchased the SAKI Samovar, you can find all of the necessary accessories for your new device here in the Accessories collection. SAKI's long-lasting samovar filter performs excellently with any kind of tea you would like to prepare in your samovar. The water flow from the samovar teapot filter is just fast enough for tea with lots of tiny leaves, enhancing your day-long samovar experience. The stainless steel filter also improves the overall quality of tea-making with its high water treatment system, high-quality tap and sustainable material.
Samovar Teapot Filter
Samovar Replacement Teapot
Filter for Tea Maker