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Turkish Breakfast & Turkish Tea

Turkish Breakfast Menu Turkish breakfast consists of a wide range of cooked and uncooked foods that are nutritious and delicious. Turkish people start the day with breakfast and can sometimes skip lunch thanks to the filling and nutritious quality of traditional Turkish breakfast.  A typical Turkish breakfast menu includes a variety of cheeses such as kaşar cheese, a medium-hard pale yellow sheep milk, beyaz peynir, also known as Turkish white cheese, and lor, or Turkish curd.  Turkey is one of the top olive producing nations in the world, so olive, both green and black, has become an indispensable element on the Turkish breakfast table. Also consumed are butter, kaymak or Turkish clotted cream, several types of jams but especially ones...

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How to Brew Tea the Best Way

Brewing Perfect Tea Before explaining the proper ways to brew tea, you should learn one or two things about the kinds of tea. All teas are made from the same plant species known as Camellia Sinensis. The color of the tea variety depends on the amount of processing, which in turn affects its benefits.  How to brew black tea? If you are making black tea, make sure the water is boiled or else your tea will have foam on top and its taste will be a little watery. You need to be patient with black tea as it needs steeping to reach that satisfying taste. In order to enhance the taste of black tea, you can add cardamom in the...

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Tea

What is black tea? Black tea is a beverage made from the infused leaves of the plant called Camellia sinensis, from which all non-herbal tea varieties are made through a few stages of processing, drying, and oxidization. What separates the tea varieties such as green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and of course black tea is the amount of and exposure to processing. Some common varieties of black tea are Turkish tea, Ceylon tea, and Assam tea. In England, black tea is generally brewed for about four to five minutes while Turkish tea is brewed long in specially made utensils such as a samovar or a teapot set. Or to make masala chai, the Indians boil black tea for fifteen...

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Black Tea: Benefits & Caffeine Levels

What is Black Tea? All four types of tea are made from the same leaves of Camellia sinensis. What differentiates black tea from oolong, white and green teas is its more oxidized content. Black tea also is the most formidable tea variety, retaining its flavor for several years.  How Much Caffeine Does Black Tea Contain? The amount of caffeine in black tea changes according to the type, brand, and brewing method. However, the caffeine in black tea generally amounts to 3% of tea’s dry weight.  What is Black Tea Good For? Initially, tea was used as a medicinal drink in ancient China for its health benefits. The health benefits of black tea derive from its polyphenol content, up to 40%...

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