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What is Turkish Tea and How to Brew It Properly?

What is Turkish tea? Called çay, (pronounced chai), tea in Turkey is relatively a new phenomenon. Despite the fact that it was Turkey where first coffee (read: Turkish coffee) was consumed as a drink and first coffee shops originated, Turkey today is more of tea culture. Following World War I, coffee, an imported product, became very expensive, and Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, introduced black tea grown in the homeland, more specifically in the province of Rize, which is why Turkish tea is sometimes called Rize tea. How do you make Turkish tea? Turkish tea is made from the processed tea plants, grown in Rize in the Black Sea region of the country. Traditionally, a Turkish tea...

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How To Choose The Best Tea Maker

How To Choose The Best Tea Maker Though it originated in China, initially used as medicine as tea has many health benefits, it has quickly spread to the rest of the world and become a staple drink. Tea has many forms but other than herbal teas, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and white tea dominate the tea-drinking world. Some cultures cook tea with teapots and drink it hot while others prefer iced tea. Today the most common way of brewing tea is using tea bags; you boil water, pour it into a mug or tea cup, and add the tea bag in. But is this the best way to drink or make tea?  TEA MAKER & TEA INFUSER  Tea...

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Samovar: The Tea Maker We Must Reclaim

How does a samovar work? Samovars are made of several different materials, so you can see many fine-looking samovars in the market like iron samovar, brass samovar, copper samovar, and even silver and gold samovar. Antique samovars like those from Old Russia, Iran, and Turkey are worth a good amount of money. You can see a samovar tea maker in the center of the table in a traditional Russian home during holidays. The cultures that have been using samovars to brew perfect tea for special occasions have applied their traditional motifs and refined crafts on these cute-looking tea makers that look like an artwork. The silver and enamel Russian samovars, for instance, are treated and worked on like Faberge eggs...

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Most Famous Turkish Tea Brands in the USA

Turkish Tea Ingredients Turkish tea ingredients are most of the time is just black tea leaves and boiled water. However, Turkish people do add extra ingredients to their tea on occasion. One of them is lemon, and it is added after the tea is brewed and poured into special Turkish glass teacups. Another Turkish tea ingredient is the buds of the tea leaves themselves, called tomurcuk in Turkish. The tea buds have their different and more appetizing aroma to the tea as a beverage. In southern parts of Turkey, people enjoy their tea with fresh mint leaves and cardamom, but this is not very common in the rest of the country.  What kind of tea is popular in Turkey? Turkish...

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Turkish Breakfast & Turkish Tea

Turkish Breakfast Menu Turkish breakfast consists of a wide range of cooked and uncooked foods that are nutritious and delicious. Turkish people start the day with breakfast and can sometimes skip lunch thanks to the filling and nutritious quality of traditional Turkish breakfast.  A typical Turkish breakfast menu includes a variety of cheeses such as kaşar cheese, a medium-hard pale yellow sheep milk, beyaz peynir, also known as Turkish white cheese, and lor, or Turkish curd.  Turkey is one of the top olive producing nations in the world, so olive, both green and black, has become an indispensable element on the Turkish breakfast table. Also consumed are butter, kaymak or Turkish clotted cream, several types of jams but especially ones...

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