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How does a samovar work?

Samovars are made of several different materials, so you can see many fine-looking samovars in the market like iron samovar, brass samovar, copper samovar, and even silver and gold samovar.

Antique samovars like those from Old Russia, Iran, and Turkey are worth a good amount of money. You can see a samovar tea maker in the center of the table in a traditional Russian home during holidays. The cultures that have been using samovars to brew perfect tea for special occasions have applied their traditional motifs and refined crafts on these cute-looking tea makers that look like an artwork. The silver and enamel Russian samovars, for instance, are treated and worked on like Faberge eggs whose porcelain urns and teapots are embezzled with colorful flowers, plants, leaves, and stars.

Turkish samovars, on the other hand, were generally made of copper and polished brass inlaid with floral motifs and Turkish patterns. 

 A modern samovar is made of two parts: a base and a teapot. The base is used to boil and heat water while the teapot with an infuser is where your choice of tea is brewed. The tap near the bottom is where you fill your teacup with hot water as the base of your drink. Then you add brewed tea and enjoy this long-cherished beverage. In Russia, Iran, and Turkey, samovars were and still are usually used to make black tea but the modern samovars allow you to cook any variety of tea including green tea, oolong tea, white tea, chai, or even herbal tea. 

Samovar Advantages

Modern electric samovars come with several advantages who treat tea as a kind of remedy as well as a pleasant drink. Since it works with electricity, you do not have to re-feed it with coal or other materials like with the traditional Russian or Turkish samovars. That means you no longer have to attend to it.

SAKI Electric Kettle with Samovar Tea Maker, for example, keeps the water hot for hours. You should know the taste of the tea you brew changes according to the material of the pot that you cook it in. Porcelain is one of the best materials to make delicious and smooth-tasting tea, which SAKI Samovar has as its teapot. The base of SAKI Samovar Tea Maker is made of stainless steel finish, outliving regular electric kettles. 

Like any device with an electric kettle, SAKI Electric Kettle with Samovar Tea Maker, too, can be used to heat water alone, with up to 3.2 L of water in a fraction of the time. That, of course, means saving time and paying less for your electricity bill. SAKI Electric Kettle with Samovar Tea Maker ensures that all the harmful bacteria in the water are removed, helping you drink purer water. As soon as your water boils, its automatic shut-off feature shuts off the kettle but you can shut the samovar off manually before it boils if you like. The strainer of its teapot infuser is quite efficient, not allowing any loosened leaf into your cup of tea.  

Samovar Reviews 

Online reviews on samovars for sale generally focus on the design of the device as a good number of the consumers in the USA see samovars as a piece of decoration in their kitchen. Samovars with sleek and quality design are preferred thanks to their aesthetic addition to homes. Modern consumers seek multifunctional devices; in the case of samovars, they also want their tea maker to be used as a water boiler, which electric samovars like SAKI Samovar provide fully. 

American consumers ask for efficient strainers in their tea infusers as they do not like to see leaves or residue in their tea mugs. As porcelain is one of the healthiest materials to brew tea in, electric samovars with porcelain teapots receive good reviews from consumers. Another point that matters when it comes to choosing the best samovar is the cleaning of the device but especially its infuser.

SAKI Electric Kettle with Samovar Tea Maker’s infuser with extra thin filter is easy-to-clean and perfectly dishwasher-safe. 


If you are not sure whether you should buy or need a samovar, ask yourself if you like well-brewed, tasty tea, which has many science-backed health benefits including hydration, fighting free radicals and protecting cells from damage, boosting metabolism, and improving body’s fat-burning ability. The design of a samovar is like a nice, exotic breeze from Central and Western Asia, with a pleasant tea fragrance all over your home during your fancy tea parties. 

The fact that you can use an electric samovar as a water boiler means you do not have to spend money on an electric kettle and teapot separately.

SAKI Electric Kettle with Samovar Tea Maker combines the two in one and helps you save money as well as electricity. You can leave it on “keep warm” mood and have the luxury of tasty, healthy tea in the reach of one pour.