Turkish Tea Ingredients

Turkish tea ingredients are most of the time is just black tea leaves and boiled water. However, Turkish people do add extra ingredients to their tea on occasion. One of them is lemon, and it is added after the tea is brewed and poured into special Turkish glass teacups. Another Turkish tea ingredient is the buds of the tea leaves themselves, called tomurcuk in Turkish. The tea buds have their different and more appetizing aroma to the tea as a beverage. In southern parts of Turkey, people enjoy their tea with fresh mint leaves and cardamom, but this is not very common in the rest of the country. 

What kind of tea is popular in Turkey?

  • Turkish people mostly prefer homegrown tea, Rize tea. Top Turkish tea brands in Turkey include Caykur (with a myriad of collection of different black teas from sprout tea to organic black tea and Earl Grey Tea),
  • Dogadan Cay,
  • Lipton,
  • Dogus Cay
  • Ofcay. 

Top black tea brands in the USA

Although it seems Americans enjoy black tea only as iced tea, there is a growing demand on hot black tea. In fact, almost 80% of American households have tea in their kitchens. And since Turkey is one of the biggest consumers of black tea in the world, Turkish tea brands have already made their way into the American market. Of the most popular ones, Lipton stands out as its tea products cover not only black tea but also almost all the herbal teas, green tea, Earl Grey Tea, and oolong tea. Lipton also makes special fusion teas. Lipton offers a selection of black tea grown in Turkey as “Eastern Black Sea tea” and “Turkish Black Tea.” The Lipton product called “Yellow Label Tea” is also a kind of Turkish tea but these are generally teabags, which I soon will tell why you should avoid. 

The Twinings brand from the UK is also one of the top black teas in the market, followed by Harney & Sons, Tetley, The Republic of Tea, Yogi Tea, Taylors of Harrogate, Ahmad Tea, Bingelow, and Tazo. These brands might be sold in leaves or teabag form but know that the best black tea always comes from tea leaves. Teabags never deliver the same aroma and taste tea leaves offer! Some black tea products come in very small leaf-like forms: beware! Most of the time, these are not real tea leaves but more like the crumbs or dust of the quality tea leaves. If you really want to enjoy black tea the way Turkish people do, use Turkish black tea leaves and brew your tea in Turkish teapot sets in the right way. Tea is not coffee, so you need to be patient to enjoy a perfect cup of black tea!