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Before explaining the proper ways to brew tea, you should learn one or two things about the kinds of tea. All teas are made from the same plant species known as Camellia Sinensis. The color of the tea variety depends on the amount of processing, which in turn affects its benefits. 

How to brew black tea?

If you are making black tea, make sure the water is boiled or else your tea will have foam on top and its taste will be a little watery. You need to be patient with black tea as it needs steeping to reach that satisfying taste. In order to enhance the taste of black tea, you can add cardamom in the teapot along with the tea leaves. 

How to brew green tea?

Avoid using boiled water when brewing green tea. Boiled water makes it taste bitter, so brewing temperature for green tea is around 176 degrees. Or you can let the boiled water cool for a short amount of time and then use it to brew your tea. Let is steep for about 5 minutes, preferably covered. 

How to brew white tea?

The temperature to brewing white tea should be lower than for black tea, like for green tea. Boil your water, let it cool a little bit, and pour the hot water over the tea. White tea brews a little longer than green tea, so make sure it steeps for about 10 minutes. 

Make sure you use loose tea leaves instead of small, dust-like tea powder in any kind of tea that you are brewing. The quality of the water changes its taste as well, so ensure the water for your tea is clean and potable. 

Brewing Tea with a Samovar 

There are several ways of making a cup of tea. Turks, Russians, and Iranians have cultivated elaborate etiquette of tea-drinking with envied tea-making utensils such as the Samovar. A samovar is a container to heat water and make tea. Samovars come with a body on the bottom with a faucet and a teapot on the top. The body contains hot water while the tea in the teapot keeps brewing. 

SAKI Samovar for Good Tea 

 The traditional samovars are heated with coal or charcoal, but we have come such a long way from that. The modern and newer samovars like the SAKI Samovar use electricity to heat water in a way like an electric water boiler. Its teapot includes an infuser made of stainless steel that does not interfere with the taste of your tea. The large loose-leaf tea infuser has a ruthless strainer. After extracting the strongest savors from every possible leaf, it releases the clearest and most vibrantly aromatic treat for your taste buds.