Turkey is one of the top 10 countries in the production of quality tea in the world. Turkey maintains its place among the leading countries of the world in both tea production and consumption. Turkish tea has many differences in terms of both brewing and serving from other leading countries in the world in terms of tea, such as England and China. Its unique brewing technique and Turkish tea served in thin waist glasses have proven to have many unknown benefits. In today's article, we will talk about the proven benefits of Turkish tea. Our advice; have a cup of tea, sit comfortably on your sofa and start reading our article with pleasure.

Nutritional Value of Black Tea

Tea is a zero calorie beverage if there is no sugar in it. Although the tea contains vitamins A and D in small amounts, some of the most important minerals in its content are sodium, manganese and fluoride. Compound substances such as caffeine, thearubigin, theaflavin and catechin make tea more nutritional. These compounds provide energy, show antioxidant properties, have perceptual and relaxing effects and provide multiple health benefits of Turkish tea.

Beneficial for Cardiovascular Health: 

Turkish tea contains a group of antioxidants called flavonoids that are beneficial for heart health. Along with tea, flavonoids can be found in vegetables, fruits, red wine, and dark chocolate. Regular consumption of flavonoids can help reduce many risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels or obesity.

Turkish Tea Can Improve Gut Health:

Want to know what are the benefits of drinking Turkish tea? Here is a surprising fact: The polyphenols found in black tea can help maintain a healthy gut balance by inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria such as Salmonella while promoting the growth of good bacteria. In addition, black tea contains antimicrobial properties that kill harmful substances and help repair the lining of the digestive tract, which increases intestinal bacteria and immunity.

Turkish Tea Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels:

Since black tea contains molecules that have been found to help increase the use of insulin in the body, positive effects on blood sugar have been discovered when you drink it pure. 

Turkish Tea Increases Focus:

Black tea contains caffeine and a molecule called L-theanine that can increase alertness and focus. While L-theanine increases alpha activity in the brain, it provides relaxation and better focus.

Things to Consider When Drinking Black Tea

Of course, the benefits of black tea emerge when consumed in the right amount and in the right way. For example, drinking excessive amounts of tea can cause health problems such as anemia, insomnia, palpitations, iron deficiency, high blood pressure or blood clotting. For this reason, care should be taken to consume a maximum of 3-4 cups of tea during the day.

It is recommended to drink the teas consumed as clear as possible, without added sugar and with lemon. Especially the elderly, pregnant and children should be sensitive about consuming tea. Another point to be considered in tea consumption is to consume tea freshly at most 10 minutes after brewing.