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Making Turkish Tea - Saki

 Learning how to make Turkish tea will come in handy when you want to impress your guests with a local taste. Making Turkish tea is easy & fun with these helpful tips! How to Prepare the Perfect Turkish Tea A fixture at breakfast, the perfect accessory to an evening chitchat, the ultimate ending to a long and tiring day; Turkish tea is an indispensable part of the rich Turkish culture. For a delicious & rich-flavored cup of Turkish tea, you have to master the art of making it. Learn how to make Turkish tea with tips & guidelines gathered from local cooks and experts. Making Turkish Tea: A Beginner's Guide The secret to making Turkish tea is to enjoy the process it offers....

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Teapot: A Vessel of Taste and Health

The tradition of drinking tea has come a very long way. Initially made in large cauldrons and unaesthetic tea kettles, tea brewing and tea serving appliances have been refined over the centuries and today, people use porcelain teapots, glass teapots, or as in Morocco for mint tea, stainless steel teapots to make their tea. But what exactly is a teapot? WHAT IS A TEAPOT AND HOW TO USE IT? Simply put, a teapot is a utensil used to steep tea and then serve it in teacups. After you put the leaves in the pot, you add boiling water (or just warm water depending on the type of the tea) and leave it to infuse and steep over time. When it’s...

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What is Turkish Tea and How to Brew It Properly?

Tea stands for an indispensable place in the Turkish culture. Turkish people drink tea almost every day, and that famous, lavish Turkish breakfast cannot be considered full without well steeped Turkish tea.  What is Turkish tea? Called çay, (pronounced chai), tea in Turkey is relatively a new phenomenon. Despite the fact that it was Turkey where first coffee (read: Turkish coffee) was consumed as a drink and first coffee shops originated, Turkey today is more of tea culture. Following World War I, coffee, an imported product, became very expensive, and Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, introduced black tea grown in the homeland, more specifically in the province of Rize, which is why Turkish tea is sometimes called...

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How To Choose The Best Tea Maker or Tea Infuser

Tea is more than just a drink for many cultures in the world. Tea drinking and tea brewing have their own specific rituals, tools, and occasions from China to Japan, to Turkey and England.  Though it originated in China, initially used as medicine as tea has many health benefits, it has quickly spread to the rest of the world and become a staple drink. Tea has many forms but other than herbal teas, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and white tea dominate the tea-drinking world. Some cultures cook tea with teapots and drink it hot while others prefer iced tea. Today the most common way of brewing tea is using tea bags; you boil water, pour it into a...

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Samovar: The Tea Maker We Must Reclaim

Before you look up “Samovar pronunciation”, (by the way it is ‘sa-muh-vaar’), let me tell you what a samovar is: A samovar is a traditional device used to heat and boil water for tea. Samovars vary from region to region but the most well-known samovars are Russian samovar, Turkish samovar, and Persian samovar. Though these types used to be heated with charcoal or coal, modern samovars, using electricity, work like an electric water boiler. The bottom part of an electric samovar boil and heat water while the top part of the device keeps steeping tea through an infuser inside. Samovar: The Tea Maker We Must Reclaim Samovars are made of several different materials, so you can see many fine-looking samovars...

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