Non-Bread Food You Can Prepare with Your Bread Machine

In case you think that your bread maker is solely used for baking bread purpose, we urge you to think again. There are plenty of delicious bread maker recipes that do not involve plain old, boring bread. Since a bread maker is basically a mixer and an oven all together, there are plenty of different foods that you can prepare using these two functions of your bread maker. All you need to do is define the necessary program for baking a specific item and adjust the timer & heat functions accordingly. Here are multiple bread maker recipes that will help you cook your favorite sweets, desserts and other bakery with the help of your fascinating bread machine.


Were not ready for this? Well, buckle up. If you think that your bread maker is only good for baking-type material, you could not be more wrong. Once you adjust the right baking program and timing, you can prepare delicious meatloaf in a few easy steps.


Besides bread, cake is arguably the most common food prepared in a bread machine. For sweet bread machine recipes, you can spice up your cake with the ingredients of your choice; be it vanilla, syrup, chocolate or raisins. Make sure to pay attention to the maximum capacity warnings of your bread maker, so that the baking soda or baking powder you use does not outline the bread machine, resulting in an overflow of the mixture.


Another surprising item, jam is also a common food that you can bake in your bread maker. Be it blueberry, strawberry or black cherry; all you need to do to achieve a handful of delicious home-made jam jars is mix your ingredients in the baker, select the Jam setting on the device and let it do the rest.


With a pinch of sugar, some milk, a spoonful of butter and lots of TLC, you too can prepare tasty rice dishes for you family to enjoy in the evenings next to their main dish. The best thing about cooking rice in a bread maker is that it will be ready to serve in just about 5 minutes!


Cooking soups and sauces is another great option for utilizing your bread machine to the maximum. While searching for bread recipes for the bread machine, you may come across a few varieties of soup and sauce recipes as well. Tomato, lentil, chicken or veggies; simply mix the ingredients you would opt to choose for you traditional soup recipe, select the timer to the longest, and wait for magic to happen - in about 1,5 - 2 hours.

Scrambled Eggs

Low carb bread machine recipes do not stop there. You can also prepare fresh scrambled eggs in your bread machine using the Jam settings. The key for the best bread maker eggs recipe is to mix the ingredients in a different bowl beforehand, and then adding the homogeneous mixture into the bread machine and cooking it for about 15 to 20 minutes.


For making yogurt in your bread machine, you need to follow the instructions set by your bread maker manufacturer. Mixing pasteurized full-fat milk and a few tablespoons of bio live yogurt is usually enough to kick off the fermentation needed for home-made yogurt. Baking yogurt in bread maker is one of the easiest ways of serving your loved ones with fresh and organic yogurt rich in probiotics.