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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cooking Sous Vide

Steak, pork chops, chicken breast, eggs, you name it - if you can sous vide it, you can work it. Once you learn how to sous vide your favorite meals, it will be harder for you to cook anything otherwise. If you are ready to jump on the sous vide cooking train, then this is the page for you. Here you can learn how to sous vide a steak, a nice slice of pork, a juicy piece of salmon, and even some laid-back Sunday breakfast eggs - all just in a few easy steps and a lot of sitting back and relaxing. This is the ultimate how to sous vide guide for you. What is Sous Vide? Let's start with the basics: What...

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Why Homemade Bread Is Healthier for You and Your Family

There is nothing more inviting than the rich and delicious smell of homemade bread. What makes homemade bread healthier for both you and your family is mostly the fact that you know exactly what's inside; therefore, you don't have to worry about the additives and chemicals that come with regular shop-bought bread. Homemade bread offers a variety of nutrients essential for your body, as well as giving you the option of baking with any kind of flour and different flavors at any given time. Here are the 5 amazing facts that make homemade bread healthier for you. No to Additives, Yes to Nutrients It is a known fact that no matter what the label says, commercially manufactured bread contains a fair...

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How to Use an Induction Cooktop

Today's modern kitchens have slowly adapted the newest technology of induction cooktops for an easier & practical cooking experience. So how does an induction cooktop work and how to use it effectively? Here is everything you need to know on how to use an induction cooktop. How Does Induction Work? Induction is actually a short term for electromagnetic induction; following the simple principle of friction creating heat. How an induction cooktop works is that it creates the necessary friction for heat using electrons within the cookware. This way while electric or gas cooktops demand an active heat source, an induction cooktop happens to be the heat source itself. What makes an induction cooktop best in the kitchen is that is is easy-to-use, energy-efficient and...

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Delicious Drink Recipes You Can Prepare with A Pot Stirrer

We all know that a pot stirrer is basically a third arm when it comes to cooking. While this magical machine stirs your sauce, stew or soup, you can dice your vegetables, put your turkey in the oven or simply sit back and relax while it does all the hard work for you. Becoming more and more popular each day; the automatic pot stirrer is also quite the hype when it comes to preparing drinks. You can use a stirrer for drinks just as efficiently as using it for home-cooked meals. Coffee, cocktails, cold beverages - you name it - a drink stirrer is all you need for the ultimate home coffee/cocktail bar. Pot Stirrer for Coffee Needless to say that stirring your...

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How to Prepare a Traditional Turkish Breakfast

What is a Turkish breakfast? Before making Turkish breakfast a regular extravaganza tradition, let’s go through a few points on breakfast and how Turks eat breakfast.  Turkish for breakfast is kahvaltı, which literally translates as “coffee base.” Turkey is where coffee drinking commenced as a social activity and first coffee houses were established. Turkish coffee is the oldest form of any coffee as a beverage, and it turns out Turks felt the need to eat something before they start their day in the morning, hence the coffee base. Unlike what’s common in the West, Turkish breakfast items are vast and very diverse. Turkish breakfast stands for the fact that Turkish food is not just kebabs and stuffed vegetables as Turkish...

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