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Kitchen Appliances You Won't Be Able to Live Without

Kitchen Appliances You Won't Be Able to Live Without When scouting for kitchen appliances to replace your old ones or looking for top-nautch cookware for your new kitchen, landing on high-quality machines and tools is the best way to improve your daily life quality. When choosing amongst must-have kitchen appliances, agility, durability, and precision are the key takeaways you should always be looking for. Another important tip, while purchasing must-have kitchen gadgets, is to be able to separate high-quality products from short-term junk. Although it may be tempting to buy every single product imposed to you on various cooking shows, commercials, kitchen websites, and marketplaces, it is essential to figure out exactly what you need and create a minimalist yet...

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How to Prepare a Traditional Turkish Breakfast

What is a Turkish breakfast? Before making Turkish breakfast a regular extravaganza tradition, let’s go through a few points on breakfast and how Turks eat breakfast.  Turkish for breakfast is kahvaltı, which literally translates as “coffee base.” Turkey is where coffee drinking commenced as a social activity and first coffee houses were established. Turkish coffee is the oldest form of any coffee as a beverage, and it turns out Turks felt the need to eat something before they start their day in the morning, hence the coffee base. Unlike what’s common in the West, Turkish breakfast items are vast and very diverse. Turkish breakfast stands for the fact that Turkish food is not just kebabs and stuffed vegetables as Turkish...

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Non-Bread Food For Bread Machine

Non-Bread Food You Can Prepare with Your Bread Machine In case you think that your bread maker is solely used for baking bread purpose, we urge you to think again. There are plenty of delicious bread maker recipes that do not involve plain old, boring bread. Since a bread maker is basically a mixer and an oven all together, there are plenty of different foods that you can prepare using these two functions of your bread maker. All you need to do is define the necessary program for baking a specific item and adjust the timer & heat functions accordingly. Here are multiple bread maker recipes that will help you cook your favorite sweets, desserts and other bakery with the...

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Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe Want to learn how to cook easy, delicious just-like-granny's banana bread? Look no further. For the ultimate banana bread recipe, all you need is the SAKI bread maker and this step-by-step guide 100% compatible with the machine. No need to remind you that with the bread maker at hand, you will definitely be doing a lot less work than granny did; achieving the same - if not better - taste as baked in the oven. A quick banana bread recipe for bread machine is just what the family ordered on a lazy Sunday morning. Ingredients for Banana Bread Recipe   Before we dig in to the good stuff, it is crucial to state that the key to...

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How to Sous Vide Chicken Breast

How to Sous Vide Chicken Breast Cooking chicken can be tricky, especially if are tackling a chicken breast and want to make sure that it is juicy and moist instead of bland and dry. Once you learn how to sous vide chicken breast with the help of Saki's Sous Vide Cooker, you won't be able to cook it any other way! If there is only one dish that presents the most dramatic difference from its traditional way of cooking, it is definitely a sous vide chicken breast. Here is a step-by-step sous vide chicken breast guide for the easiest and tastiest chicken breast recipe. Ingredients for a Sous Vide  Chicken Breast Skin-on, bone-in chicken breast Salt Pepper 1 tbsp vegetable oil Lemon and...

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