Who wouldn't want to start the day at home with the scent of coffee! Although it seems difficult to reach, now there are coffee machines that can be used at home for almost every type of coffee. One of the most practical and common of these is filter coffee machines. 

Filter coffee, which is formed by brewing ground coffee through a filter, is very popular due to its soft drink and practicality. Moreover, thanks to the filter coffee machine, this coffee can be easily prepared at home. Although there are many filter coffee machine recommendations on the market, it is very important to know the fine points of using a coffee filter to make a good filter coffee. 

For this reason, it is important to start by addressing the questions; “How to use coffee filters?” and “How to choose the right coffee filter?” Let's learn together!

How to Use Coffee Filters?

If you want to make filter coffee at home, you need to know how coffee filters work and you definitely need to learn how to use one. The coffee filters are used to transfer the aroma of ground coffee to the water. The filter prevents the ground coffee particles from getting into the water. Thus, the amount of residue formed while drinking coffee is reduced. 

There are two methods of preparing coffee using coffee filters. First of all, you can use the coffee filter in traditional filter coffee machines. The filter used in machines is larger in size and it should also fit the model and chamber of the machine.
Another option is to prepare coffee using only coffee filters. This method is also known as pour over coffee. For this, you need a coffee filter, a pour over glass cup or a dripper set, and the mechanism where you will place the coffee filter. Today, there are many models in which the glass cup and the mechanism are presented together. 

If you want to prepare coffee in this way, place the coffee filter in the setup. Then put the grounded coffee into the filter. While doing all these processes, boil the water. Pour the water slowly over the coffee. You can use a 5 second pour 45 second wait cycle for pouring. So wait about 45 seconds after pouring the water and then pour water again. Thus, the aroma of the coffee will be better.

Choose the Right Filter

 The first way to get a delicious filter coffee starts with choosing the right filter; because the type of filter you prefer plays an important role from the aroma of your coffee to the brewing time.

There are many options for choosing the right coffee filter. The first point you should pay attention to is your personal preferences and the brewing method you use. In addition, taste, cost, effect on the environment, and ease of cleaning, are other important factors you will prefer. 

Although there are many coffee filters such as paper, cloth, metal, nylon, paper and metal filters are mostly preferred; because they are both comfortable and economical to use.

Taste and Appearance

If you want to reuse coffee filters, reusable metal filters cannot prevent oil and micro particles from getting into your coffee as well as paper filters. At the same time, the microparticles that will penetrate your coffee filtered through the metal filter make your coffee darker and cloudy and give a more intense and rich aroma.
Paper filters are much more successful than metal filters in holding micro particles and oils in coffee. Your coffee that you will brew with a paper filter will have a much brighter and clearer appearance; It also offers you a sweeter, softer and fruity aroma than coffees brewed with metal filters.


Paper filters are the most affordable option because they cost less per package. However, eventually it is going to cost more because you need to keep purchasing them. Unlike the paper filter, the metal filter can be used over and over again. Due to its sustainability, a single metal filter can be used for many years in coffee making. Thus, metal coffee filters will make you save more money in the long run.


As you can imagine, cleaning paper filters is a much simpler process than a metal filter. 
For metal filters, first we need to take our filter out of our equipment and throw the pulp and coffee in the garbage. Then, we thoroughly clean the small particles from our filter and wash the filter with detergent. We should do this right after brewing, because the oils and micro grains left in our metal filter can spoil the taste of our coffee in the next brewing.

For paper filters, some coffee lovers use the paper filter repeatedly after rinsing, but these paper filters are actually produced for single use, so we have to close and throw them away immediately after use.


Metal filters are the most sustainable and eco-friendly option among the coffee filters. You can use the metal filter without any problems for at least 5 years depending on the type of brand you purchased. 

On the other side, filter coffee paper can break down due to its biological structure. It is designed for single use. When purchasing white filter papers, it should not be forgotten that they go through chemical processes. For paper coffee filters, it is recommended to use brown filters. In addition, if you prefer reusable filters, make sure that they are long-lasting and of high quality.