The best cup of coffee starts with quality beans, while quality beans can only be classified as "quality" when preserved and stored correctly. To maximize freshness and flavor, it is important to know how to store coffee and how to store coffee beans the right way. Here is everything you need to know about coffee storage in your home.

Why Coffee Storage is Important

When it comes to coffee, storing coffee beans is as an important part of the process as brewing it. Freshly roasted coffee is actually more sensitive than you think it is, making coffee storage a bit harder than coffee lovers would prefer. In order to achieve the perfect cup of java, it is important to know how to store coffee for the long term. The most important notes that you must consider when coming up with coffee storage ideas are;

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Water
  • Air

While coffee beans are clearly indispensable to almost every household around the globe, storing them the right way is what helps them maintain their allure and charm - or in other words, their caffeine content. When it comes to keeping coffee beans fresh, numerous methods are considered biblical; including storing them in the freezer or keeping them in a cold, dark pantry. No matter where you decide to keep your coffee grounds, here are the universal rules you need to apply in order to keep their freshness and taste at the maximum in the long term.

Keep it away from sunlight

This basic rule is actually based on scientific fact: the fact is that coffee is a hygroscopic food product, meaning it absorbs water from the air. Not only does it absorb moisture, but it can also capture various flavors and odors that are carried around in the water. That is why it is essential to always keep coffee grounds in a cool and dark place; as you would do with any other long-living food product.

Keep it on the shelf, not in the freezer

Although there are endless debates about whether coffee should be stored on an indoor shelf or a freezer; it is safe to say that most coffee experts ultimately lean towards the pantry. One of the best ways to keep whole coffee beans or ground coffee at its freshest is to store them in a closed-lid jar with an airtight lid, on a shelf at room temperature. It is actually said that when you freeze your coffee beans which you intend to use on a daily basis, the varying temperature creates moisture within the bag, leaving your morning cup of coffee tasting nothing like you would have imagined.

Use an opaque, airtight container

Airspace containers or vacuum-sealed canisters are the top choices when for tea and coffee storage. These magical jars actively remove excess air from within the container, making it impossible for any contaminants getting in the way. And although many Pinterest coffee storage ideas will probably tempt you with their charming, transparent, glass coffee jars, the best way to keep your coffee beans out of sunlight is to keep them in an opaque and dark container at all times. This coffee canister may be exactly what you need.

Make sure to buy the right amount of coffee

Who wants an excess amount of coffee beans lying around the kitchen getting stale with nowhere to store them in? It is important to remember one fact when learning how to store coffee powder: coffee begins to lose its freshness and agility almost right after it has been roasted. That is why it is important to buy smaller batches of freshly roasted beans in order to keep your morning cups as alert as possible. Instead of buying larger portions, buy smaller packs more frequently for the ultimate balance. 

To preserve the coffee flavor for longer and to keep the coffee contents fresh, it is essential to take note of these basic rules, as well as using the right canister for coffee storage. With factors such as air, heat, water, and light out of the way, you can safely preserve your favorite beans for a satisfying amount of time.