Some people are passionate about reaching the highest level of standards when it comes to making coffee. As a matter of fact, it's not much that you need for the perfect brew. With the right equipment and quality coffee beans, you will be able to know how to prepare coffee like a pro. You don't even need large countertop coffee machines for this. A pour-over carafe or French press and one or two tablespoons of fresh coffee are enough for you to enjoy the superior coffee experience. For the details, we invite you to read our article about how to make a filtered coffee. Let's begin!

Tips and Tricks For Perfect Filter Coffee

If you're an enthusiast for making coffee, you're expected to know how to make filter coffee at home in a very good way. It is said that you should have a pretty expensive coffee maker, a fancy cup, and the freshest coffee beans. We have good news for you: to make a good filter coffee, you don't need all of this. For example, using a quality dripper set, you can enjoy your steaming cup of morning coffee. From its borosilicate glass pitcher to its stainless steel filter, this dripper set is meant for your everyday beverage fix. Besides, to make good filter coffee, you MUST balance the coffee brewing ratio right. This is a very important step that takes you to the barista-quality coffee level. The ideal coffee-to-water ratio is known as 1g of coffee per 16ml of water, which is equal to almost 60g of coffee for 1l of water. However, for families of 1 or 2, it will be nonsense to make 1l of coffee at once. Then you may adjust your grammage of coffee according to the ideal ratio.

How to Make Good Filter Coffee

Temperature is critical for how to make good filter coffee as it helps you get the desired odor and flavor from your coffee.

Barista-Quality Coffee Is Not A Dream

In addition to all of the information above, coffee brewing temperature is critical for how to make good filter coffee as it helps you get the desired odor and flavor from your coffee. According to expert figures, the right water temperature ought to be 92-96 degree Celcius, which is equal to 197-205 Fahrenheit. When the temperature is lower than that degree, your coffee may taste a bit sour. And if you like your coffee bitter, you need to add hotter water to the coffee. One other factor that affects the taste of your coffee is the water quality. Before you master the tips and tricks on how to prepare filter coffee like a pro, you need to have good quality water. Since water and coffee are the key elements for making coffee, they better be of high standards. Coffees prepared at home in a non-pressurized system like French presses contain 99% of water. If your water is off-grade, so is your coffee. That's why water quality that is underestimated mostly is very important to prepare filter coffee at home.

Let The Pro Inside Shine and Cater For You!

Moving the coffee grounds frequently helps you get the best of your beverage. Just like moving the teabag laying in the water, you need to stir the coffee grounds to extract the compounds faster. For example, when you prepare your coffee at home, the way you pour water onto the grounds will create turbulence and help accelerate extraction. One another piece of information regarding how to make filter coffee in coffee maker is related to the size of the coffee beans. With the right brew ratio, the size of the coffee particles is an important aspect for making good filter coffee. Grinding coffee beans, just like the turbulence effect, helps you get the extraction faster. With these tips and tricks, you have the power to prepare filter coffee like a pro!