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How to Make Turkish Coffee

Not your run-of-the-mill type of coffee, Turkish coffee is one of the most extraordinary types of java there is on the planet. What makes it so special is that it is not only the taste that you enjoy when making Turkish coffee, but the making process itself. Want to learn how to make Turkish coffee at home? Look no further. In this guide you will find the most helpful tips to learn how to make Turkish coffee on your own.

First Things First: 

Equipment You Need for Making Turkish Coffee

To begin with, you will need a special Turkish coffee pot to experience the best way to make Turkish coffee. Any sort of pot will certainly not do; since the beauty of Turkish coffee is hidden in the magic of the Turkish coffee pot. Although traditionally the Turkish coffee pot is supposed to be made out of copper, nowadays most kitchen appliances brands opt for Teflon or metal surfaces, which work just as fine as a copper pot would. The pot being the most important equipment of all, here is the list of the rest of equipment you will need for making the perfect cup of Turkish coffee:

    Turkish coffee pot
    Turkish coffee grounds
    A cup especially sized for Turkish coffee
    Water the amount of the size of the cup
    Sugar (optional)

How to Make Turkish Coffee

Although the Turkish coffee recipe sounds complicated, it is actually quite simple to prepare - simpler than a coffee dripper or a pour-over method at the least.

Start by measuring the amount of cold water you need. This measurement should be easy since you already have a cup that you plan on pouring the coffee in. Pour the cold water into the cup first, and then right into the Turkish coffee pot. Place the pot with the water on the stove and turn it on to medium heat. While the water heats up, add about 1 tablespoon of Turkish coffee for each serving. This is the ideal Turkish coffee ratio of coffee grounds to water. If you prefer to add sugar to your coffee, this is the time to do so.

An important tip here is to let the coffee sort of float above the surface of the water instead of stirring it and blending it in with the water. This way you will avoid any sort of clumping up when the water starts to boil. As the water begins to get warmer and the coffee grounds begin to sink, stir the mixture a few times and turn the heat down. This motion will create that perfect layer of foam that makes you want to indulge in the cup right away.

An important tip is

To let the coffee sort of float above the surface of the water instead of stirring it and blending it in with the water

Another important note when learning how to make Turkish coffee is to never, EVER, leave the pot unattended. The process in total will only last about 5-6 minutes, every single minute of it being crucial, that is why it is significant that you do not leave the stove for even a second. Once you start seeing the bubble rings that indicate the water is about to boil on the surface, turn down the heat to the lowest in order to avoid the water to really boil. The road to the immaculate cup of Turkish coffee goes from never letting the water boil, therefore keeping the water temperature at a controlled level is quite important. If you let the water come to a boiling point, you will not have the oh-so-famous Turkish coffee foam since it will simply have evaporated.

Keep the coffee at the specified foaming stage as long as you can, but make sure that the water does not come to a boil. You can gently stir the top part of the brew in order to enhance the volume of the foam. Once you are certain that the foam has reached the ideal form, or as soon the water begins to rise, turn the heat down and move the pot away from the stove. Pour the coffee into the cup very slowly, making sure that each cup has equal amount of foam if you are preparing the coffee for multiple servings. Now you are ready to enjoy your masterpiece!

Tips on Enjoying Your Cup of Turkish Coffee

Just like with the preparation stage, Turkish coffee has its very own rituals and specific points when it comes to consuming it.

Just like with the preparation stage, Turkish coffee has its very own rituals and specific points when it comes to consuming it. Do not forget that Turkish coffee is always served with a glass of water, in case you want to cleanse your pallet beforehand or remove the taste of grout afterwards. It is also a force of habit to ask the guest how they would like their coffee before preparing it; since there may be specific preferences of each guest such as unsweetened, with a little sugar or extra sweet. Make sure to store your Turkish coffee beans or grounds in an airtight container, keep them out of light and at room temperature.

Another great tip for enjoying your cup of Turkish coffee is to actually prepare it in a Turkish coffee maker instead of a coffee pot. The SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker offers you the same tradition, taste and joy of preparing Turkish coffee on the stove, while saving you the time and energy with its multiple features and functional design.