The perfect coffee cup is just around the corner: once you learn how to make pour over coffee. No need to say that making coffee is not just about boiling hot water and combining it with grounded coffee beans. By all means making coffee is an art form of meditation; especially when you make pour over coffee. No machines, no electricity, no power cords; just good old pour over coffee to get you in tune with your morning ritual.

Pour Over Coffee: How to Make It?

For the ultimate pour over coffee technique, all you actually need are a few simple tools and a handy craftsmanship on your part. You need to observe, delicately select your pour over coffee dripper and filters, and enjoy the smooth taste of freshly brewed and poured-over coffee.

Step 1: Boiling Water

Boil at least 0,6 liters of water; but do not let it boil for too long.

Step 2: Grinding Coffee

Portion 3 tablespoons of coffee and grind it into a coarseness similar to sea salt. For the specific taste of single-origin coffee flavor, you can use much less; i.e. 23 grams for every 0,3 liters of water.

Step 3: Placing the Filter

Every quality Dripper Set needs an equally high-quality pour over coffee filter to meet its match. For a smoother and softer nuance, gently moisten the filter before placing it in the dripper.

Step 4: Adding the Coffee

Slowly add the ground coffee into the filter while tapping it in order to level out the surface. Make sure to place the brewer on the cup or carafe you plan on collecting the coffee in. Then place the entire pour over coffee kit onto the digital scale. You can also learn how to make pour over coffee without a scale once you master the dripper.

Step 5: Pour & Wait!

Start by discarding the hot water you had boiled and aim to zero out the scale. Make sure to pour just enough water in a spiral motion and wait for 30 seconds sharp. This and the next step is the key to finding the perfect pour over coffee ratio.

Step 6: Pour & Finish

Once you hit the first 30-second mark, resume pouring water over the grounds until the scale hits 0,6 liters. This should take up about 90 seconds; which will give you the total of 2 minutes on the timer. Pour the water in a spiral motion first; then go straight down towards the end and make sure to keep the entire coffee grounds completely saturated throughout the process.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Give your coffee mug or carafe a final swirl; as well as giving yourself a pat on the back. You did it! Now you know how to make the best pour over coffee in town!
Pour over coffee brewing tips

When heating the water, bring the water to a boil, yet do not let it stand for more than 30 seconds.

Rinsing the filter beforehand is especially useful in avoiding any unnecessary paper flavor and smell.

The meeting point of the hot water with the coffee grounds is called the "bloom".
The perfect ratio of coffee to water is measured in 1 gram of coffee per 16 grams of water no matter the coffee making technique.