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In order for nothing to spoil the coffee pleasure, the correct storage of coffee and freshness of the coffee beans are important factors. Both factors can spoil or negatively affect the taste of the coffee. We have important tips for you on how to preserve the coffee and how to keep coffee beans fresh.

The Freshness Is The Key 

The answer to the question how to store coffee beans and the general rule for perfect coffee is; the more fresh coffee beans, the more delicious coffee. Coffee beans can be stored for months after it’s roasted however this does not guarantee its freshness.Coffee beans are extremely sensitive to external factors such as light, moisture, air and heat.

In order to know how to keep coffee grounds fresh, there are a few facts you need to be aware of. The aroma of coffee beans disappears much faster when they are exposed to negative factors such as oxygen and heat during storage. Because the aromas are made up of the oils in the coffee beans, these oils quickly begin to oxidize even at room temperature. Thus, the oils can be bitter and have a bad side effect in their taste. Therefore, the coffee storage area should always be cool, dark and dry.

Whole Beans or Ground Coffee?

Ground coffee stored in an opened package maintains its freshness for about seven days at room temperature. This period is doubled when stored in the refrigerator. In the freezer, it can preserve the freshness of its aroma for up to three to four weeks. 

In order for the aroma to remain fresh even longer, it is necessary to store the coffee in the form of coffee beans without grinding. It is best to grind the coffee beans as needed just before using them. Thus, you can be sure that the various aromas in the coffee bean are not lost, so you can enjoy your coffee.

Coffee Storage Options

Ideally, the coffee is stored in a light and airtight coffee storage container. Thanks to a tightly closed coffee can, like the Saki Coffee Canister, the coffee beans or ground coffee stays fresh longer and the coffee aroma retains its freshness for much longer.