Although pour over coffee has been around for decades, it is safe to say that the spotlight is finally hitting on this coffee-brewing gem for good. Brewing your best cup of coffee via pour-over requires skill and professional techniques; and the right pour over coffee ratio is no exception. By always using fresh coffee and adjusting your pour over coffee ratios ensures a delightful taste for the perfect wake-up call.

Pour Over Coffee to Water Ratio

When selecting  ratio for pour over coffee, there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration.

  • Size of cup
  • Amount of water
  • Amount of coffee
  • Type of coffee
  • Serving per person

The standard pour over coffee ratio chart indicates that as a general rule of thumb, the best ratio for pour over coffee is 1:17. In other words, when using a standard-size pour-over coffee maker, approximately 42 grams of coffee will require about 700 grams of water. Thus, 36 grams will require 600, 21 grams will require 350, 14 grams will require 230 and so on. 

These pour over coffee ratio grams may vary depending on the size of the coffee maker you are using, as well as the number of people you plan on serving the coffee to. It is always best to use precision scales as a means of pour over coffee ratio calculator for the optimal results.

The Saki Pour Over Coffee Maker holds a capacity of 700 ml, which means you will need about 42 grams of grounded coffee beans for the perfect flavor.